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tile can be installed over various types of subfloor. the most suitable materials for the subfloor are concrete, plywood and cement board. a plywood subfloor needs to be 1¼ in thick, which is the

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i built my first floor, added stairs, and the second floor is missing some tiles. like, i can't put flooring down on them or anything, they just are holes in the floor. how can i fix this? user info: wanderz. wanderz 9 years ago 2. might need to have a support underneath those tiles.. try a pillar or piece of wall on the first floor under that

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i put the catwalk tiles on the floor and the curtain at the wouldnt work any other way, im frustrated because i cant understand how to make a model show.i put seats on the sides so people could watch. any help would be appreciated. user info: jeni. jeni 11 years ago 2.

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to put 26 tiles of different stuffs next to each other? do these 26 types have to be stuffs from the nature which would exclude stuffs like gold tiles etc ? i just think it is super unclear what it is asking. i already have 25 without doing anything in particular, but that makes all that harder to figure out what the last missing one is

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tile floors look great in most any room. if your kitchen, bathroom or other tile floors are worn or chipped, or you're simply ready for an upgrade, this guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install a tile floor.

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tile is a nice addition to any basement. it protects against moisture and provides a visual contrast to the rest of the house. experts show how to install a tile floor.

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i've completed my first tile floor installation and i put together this video to show you all of the tips and tricks i found along the way. learn how to lay a tile floor from a beginner's perspective

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i'm in the tower after the ocean dungeon. i'm on the 15th floor and there are tiles on the ground that i have to push to make a 'symbol'. i don't know what to put on it, i've tried lots of things.

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to install ceramic or porcelain tile in a proper, fast, strait and faster way, some easy steps can be taken. i am teaching in this comprehensive video what many professionals do to ensure quality

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what i mean is this -- when you do tiles on a floor, you usually put a mesh or something on the floor which gives some flex. that means that with minor floor movement and so on, the mesh provides enough 'give' so that the grout or the tile won't break. instead of mesh, you can use ditra mat. it has the same effect.

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is there anyway to put the tiles down faster? moving one spot, putting tile down, rinse and repeat seems like i'm doing it wrong. if there's not them *whew*, this is gonna take a while. little everday the names of the game.

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how to install floor tile. installing a tile floor can be time-consuming work. for those on a busy schedule, it can take a week to get the whole project accomplished. however, the process itself is strhtforward and the end result is