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bunding, also called a bund wall, is a constructed retaining wall around storage 'where potentially polluting substances are handled, processed or stored, for the purposes of containing any unintended escape of material from that area until such time as a remedial action can be taken.' .

ss onoko

the onoko was an iron hulled great lakes freighter.she was launched in 1882 in cleveland, ohio as hull number 4, and sank on september 14, 1915 in lake superior near knife river, minnesota.the onoko is thought to be the prototype for every single steel hulled great lakes bulk carrier that ever sailed. these vessels made possible the cheap transport of bulk cargoes such as iron ore, coal and .

alberta gaming, liquor and cannabis commission

the alberta gaming, liquor and cannabis commission or aglc is an agency of the government of the canadian province of alberta, and regulates alcoholic beverage, recreational cannabis, and gaming-related activities.references to cannabis were added to aglc's name and governing legislation without adding an extra 'c' to the organization's long-standing initials as cannabis in canada moved .

prices of chemical elements

this is a list of prices of chemical elements.prices listed here are mainly average market prices for bulk trade of commodities. when there is no public data on the element in its pure form, price for a compound is used, per mass of element contained.

chinaman porcelain

a chinaman is a dealer in porcelain and chinaware, especially in 18th-century london, where this was a recognised trade; a 'toyman' dealt additionally in fashionable trifles, such as snuffboxes. chinamen bought large quantities of chinese export porcelain and japanese export porcelain landed by the east india company, who held auctions twice a year in london.


standard gma pallets can hold up to 460 pounds 210 kg . gma pallets typically weighs 37 pounds 17 kg , and are 6 1⁄2 inches 170 mm tall. their deck boards measure 3 1⁄4 inches 83 mm wide and are 5⁄16 inch 7.9 mm thick each. other dimensions of pallets have different weight capacities.

canteen stores department india

history. the canteen stores department traces its origins to the british raj, when the army canteen board was established in india as an offshoot of the navy and the army canteen board in the united kingdom.although the navy and the army canteen board was abolished in the uk in 1922, and was replaced by the navy, army and air force institutes naafi , its counterpart in india continued to .


the turbine steamship fairsky was a one-class italian-styled passenger ship operated by the sitmar line, best known for service on the migrant passenger route from britain to australia from may 1958 until february 1972. after a 20-month lay-up at southampton, fairsky completed two further voyages to australia, before returning to be based at sydney as a popular full-time cruise ship, until .

liquor control board of ontario

the liquor control board of ontario lcbo; french: régie des alcools de l’ontario is a crown corporation that retails and distributes alcoholic beverages throughout the canadian province of ontario. it is accountable to the ministry of finance. it was established in 1927 on the advice of ontario premier howard ferguson, to sell liquor, wine, and beer.

bus reshaping plan

the bus reshaping plan of 1966 was a plan devised by the london transport board for the reorganisation of bus routes in london, england. the main features of the plan, which was to be rolled out over ten to fifteen years, were: introduction of one man operation omo to address staff shortages and costs; introduction of flat fare routes centred on outer hubs

list of chocolate bar brands

this is a list of chocolate bar brands, in alphabetical order.a chocolate bar british english or candy bar american english is a confection in an oblong or rectangular form containing chocolate, which may also contain layerings or mixtures that include nuts, fruit, caramel, nougat, and wafers.. chocolate bar brands

naval artillery

naval artillery is artillery mounted on a warship, originally used only for naval warfare, later also for shore bombardment and for anti-aircraft use. the term generally refers to tube-launched projectile-firing weapons and excludes self-propelled projectiles like torpedoes, rockets, and missiles and those simply dropped overboard like depth charges and naval mines

bulk cargo

the term break bulk derives from the phrase breaking bulk—the extraction of a portion of the cargo of a ship or the beginning of the unloading process from the ship's holds. these goods may not be in shipping containers. break bulk cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels.


topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 5–10 inches 13–25 cm .it has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the earth's biological soil activity occurs. topsoil is composed of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. organic matter varies in quantity on different soils.

group buying

group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. origins of group buying can be traced to china , where it is known as tuán gòu chinese : 团购 , or team buying .