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the correct way to do a pushup. a fitness trainer gives us a step-by-step plan to work your way up to a full pushup, plus mistakes to look out for.

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push-ups with push-up bars: target area, preparation, correct position and technique of doing it. if you really care about your fitness and want a website which can be your one stop for life-long

what muscles do pushups work?

lower down until your chest grazes the floor. you can also try doing a pushup off of a wall while standing if even this modified pushup is too much at first. muscles worked: chest.

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push ups for beginners: seated, standing, kneeling, and tips

perform pushups on a yoga mat or similar surface instead of a bare floor. place a folded towel under your knees for extra cushioning when doing kneeling pushups.

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pushups work many of the body's large muscle groups, including those in the upper body and core. a person can use a range of pushup types to focus on different sets of muscles. here, we describe

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what's the difference between a spiderman push-up and a military push-up, and how does each one benefit you? we walk you through how to do 14 types of push-ups and when to use each one.