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diversey has been, and always will be, a pioneer and facilitator for life. we constantly deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that provide total confidence to professionals across all of our global sectors.

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product catalog. our wide range of products have been designed to give you the cleaning power you expect, with less packaging, less waste and, ultimately, less cost.

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achieve the ultimate high-quality appearance with diversey’s floor cleaners and floor finish maintainers.. protect the investment you have made in your floors with daily cleaning which will help extend the life of your floor.. diversey has a cleaner for every application and packaging option to help control costs.

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diversey can help you to choose the best floor finish or sealer to meet your appearance and cost goals. as the worldwide leader in floor care, diversey’s got you covered with a wide range of floor finishes that outshine the competition and deliver outstanding results.

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leading the industry in comprehensive floor care solutions for more than a hundred years. diversey differentiates itself by being a solution provider, not a product provider. we design innovative solutions that exceed performance expectations and help our customers meet their floor care goals through years of floor care knowledge and leadership.

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sc johnson professional floor finish. for use on a variety of flooring high performance finish / sealer. sc johnson professional multi-surface floor finish plus sealer with flexifilm technology is extremely tough, highly repairable and exhibits aggressive adhesion on most flooring substrates.