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pedlar people limited

pedlar people limited was a sheet metal stamping operation started in 1861 in oshawa, ontario by blacksmith henry pedlar in the back of his hardware store. the operation was expanded by his son, george h. pedlar, to become the largest sheet metal factory in the british empire. the business was in operation until forced into receivership in 1982.

hospice, inc. - the huffington post

but mounting evidence indicates that many providers are imperiling the health of patients in a drive to boost revenues and enroll more people, an investigation by the huffington post found. every day, hospice marketers descend on doctor’s offices, rehab centers and hospitals. these workers have been known to rifle through patient logs at .

berkshire hathaway

berkshire hathaway traces its roots to a textile manufacturing company established by oliver chace in 1839 as the valley falls company in valley falls, rhode island.chace had previously worked for samuel slater, the founder of the first successful textile mill in america.chace founded his first textile mill in 1806. in 1929, the valley falls company merged with the berkshire cotton .

things to do in denver when you're dead

things to do in denver when you're dead is a 1995 american crime film directed by gary fleder and written by scott rosenberg. the film features an ensemble cast that includes andy garcía, christopher lloyd, treat williams, steve buscemi, christopher walken, fairuza balk, and gabrielle anwar.

hmt empire windrush

hmt empire windrush, originally mv monte rosa, was a passenger liner and cruise ship launched in germany in 1930. she was owned and operated by the german shipping line hamburg süd in the 1930s under the name monte rosa. during world war ii she was operated by the german navy as a troopship.

axminster carpets

king george iii and queen charlotte of mecklenburg-strelitz purchased axminster carpets and also visited the factory. in 1800, the company made a 74-by-52-foot 23 m × 16 m carpet for mahmud ii, the sultan of the ottoman empire, known today as the most famous axminster carpet of all. depicting a blazing sun, moon and a whole constellation of .

r. t. claridge

in january 1916, r.t. wilkinson retired from his position as a director of claridge's company, after an association of 63 years. the failure of clarmac roads had a flow-on effect to claridge's patent asphalte company, with a petition to wind it up lodged with the high court on 2 november 1917 by company director william allback.

empire distribution

empire distribution, records and publishing inc. marketed as empire is an american distribution company and record label founded in 2010 by ghazi shami and headquartered in san francisco, california with offices in new york city, london, and atlanta. it has released albums in various genres but it is predominantly focused on hip hop music.

journey's end 2017 film

the website's critical consensus reads, 'journey's end brings r.c. sherriff's 90-year-old play to the screen with thrilling power, thanks to director saul dibb's hard-hitting urgency and brilliant work from a talented cast.' metacritic gave the film a score of 73 out of 100 based on 27 reviews, indicating 'generally favorable reviews'.

victoria wood as seen on tv

victoria wood as seen on tv is a british comedy sketch series starring comedian victoria wood, with julie walters, celia imrie, duncan preston, susie blake and patricia routledge.the show was televised on bbc two between 1985 and 1987 and included sketches that became famous in the united kingdom; these included one-offs like waitress popularly known as two soups , in which walters, as an .

thief ii

thief ii is a stealth game that takes place from a first-person perspective in a three-dimensional 3d graphical environment. the player seeks to complete mission objectives and to evade the notice of opponents such as guards. the player must minimize the visibility and audibility of the player character, garrett, to escape detection.players try to avoid lit areas and loud flooring in favor .

west side historic district saratoga springs, new york .

the west side historic district is a residential area of saratoga springs, new york, united states, located west of its downtown is a 122-acre 49 ha area extending from the blocks west of broadway to extensions along church and washington streets.the former franklin square historic district is included in its entirety.

terrence howard

terrence dashon howard born march 11, 1969 is an american actor, rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. having his first major roles in the 1995 films dead presidents and mr. holland's opus, howard broke into the mainstream with a …