installing pergola against house

diy pergola plans how to plan and post a pergola

here's how to plan and post a perfect pergola. posthole depth varies. it's best to install the posts long and trim them to final height, measuring from the frame upward. finish the circular

attaching a pergola or deck to vinyl siding - home

building a structure which is attached to a house usually involves a plate which is bolted to the existing building, typically a 2x8, or 2x10. attaching a pergola or deck to vinyl siding. ask question asked 8 years, 9 months ago. how to install a house number plaque on vinyl siding? 0.

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installing pergola footings - dig or not dig? see all options

just remember the post will not be fully secure while standing freely. if the post is wobbly u se a stake and a scrap 2x4 to brace the post in position until you connect it to the other posts. install the other posts for your pergola the same way. you are now ready to begin building your pergola.

how to build a pergola attached to the house

this diy step by step article is about how to build a pergola attached to the house.building an attached pergola is a complex woodworking project, but you can get the job done by yourself if you follow our step by step tutorial.

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how to build a pergola on a concrete patio in two days

note: at this point, it may be prudent to install the braces step 17 , especially if you won't be able to finish the pergola in the near future. the braces will protect against the pergola from falling over in high winds, and also add a lot of stiffness to the structure when cling around on top later.

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