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when it comes to senior hockey sticks, the composite stick is king. and for good reason. composite hockey sticks are lighter weight, more durable, and offer more power than wood sticks. back in the day, players complained that composite hockey sticks didn’t offer a good puck feel. no more.

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the flex rating of a hockey stick is how stiff the shaft is. the larger the flex rating number, the stiffer the stick. the general rule of thumb is to divide a player's bodyweight in pounds by two. a 150lb player would divide 150 by 2, resulting in a recommendation of a 75 flex stick. composite sticks are the most popular because they

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the hockey stick flexes listed above are the most common flexes for each age category. finding the right hockey stick flex takes time, practice, and may not be identical to the ones listed above. try out different hockey stick flex ratings and determine which one works best for you and your play style. more questions about hockey stick flex

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the best players in the game today use composite ice hockey sticks.we think you should, too. composite hockey sticks are built using a variety of advanced, high-tech performance materials that deliver superior strength, flex, feel, and power.

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youth composite hockey sticks are designed for players aged nine and under, and come with a lower flex and shorter length, just right for the new-to-hockey kid or the young phenom tearing up the local league. pure hockey offers the best youth ice hockey sticks anywhere, for any style of play, and for every level of play.