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in many cases, it is necessary to do little more than remove the existing flooring no leveling or floating required. then it is just a matter of cutting the rubber tiles rubber flooring comes in rolls or tiles, but tile is generally better suited to use on a residential scale to fit and sticking them in place with an adhesive.

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pirelli design rubber tiles are manufactured in italy exclusively supplied by ecofloors. pirelli design rubber floors, use only the best natural and synthetic rubber, binders and colour pigments, which do not cause adverse environmental impact.

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activa , rubber flooring tiles and sheets . design and function from the experience with pirelli. activa rubber stair treads to assure safety , comfort , durability and design uniformity .

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shop through a wide selection of rubber flooring at amazon.com. free shipping and free returns on prime eligible items. american floor mats fit-lock 3/8 inch heavy duty rubber flooring - interlocking rubber tiles 24' x 24' tile solid black 4' x 6' set 6 tiles total - exercise mats, home gym sets. by american floor mats.

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the superficial treatment of post vulcanization gt gives to the rubber floor’s surface a much lower porosity than in the traditional rubber floors, thus enhancing their resistance to soiling and ease their cleanability.in areas subject to light traffic and regularly cleaned with monobrush, the gt treatment makes no longer necessary the traditional coat of polish.

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for this reason, rubber tiles are employed in a wide variety of challenging locations, including kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, playgrounds, and gyms.however, there are some basic cleaning and maintenance steps to follow on a regular basis to both disinfect the floor and keep it looking its best.

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thanks for all for your input. i'm choosing between the cork and returning to rubber flooring pirelli commercial flooring iirc -- the stuff you see in airports, hospitals etc which i had years ago and loved. easy on feet, easy to clean, warm in winter, cool in summer, forgiving to dropped stuff.