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polyethylene terephthalate

polyethylene terephthalate is produced from ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate dmt c 6 h 4 co 2 ch 3 2 or terephthalic acid. 17 the former is a transesterification reaction, whereas the latter is an esterification reaction.

cable management

cable management refers to management of electrical or optical cable in a cabinet or an installation. the term is used for products, workmanship or planning. cables can easily become tangled, making them difficult to work with, sometimes resulting in devices accidentally becoming unplugged as one attempts to move a cable.

plastic pipework

plastic pipework is used for the conveyance of drinking water, waste water, chemicals, heating fluid and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air, irrigation, plastic pressure pipe systems, and vacuum system applications

pilatus pc-12

the pilatus pc-12 is a single-engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft manufactured by pilatus aircraft of stans, switzerland, since 1991.the main market for the aircraft is corporate transport and regional airliner operators. the pc-12 is the best-selling pressurized single-engine turbine-powered aircraft in the world and has been for several consecutive years, with 1,700 deliveries as .


the use of asbestos became increasingly widespread toward the end of the 19th century, when its diverse applications included fire-retardant coatings, concrete, bricks, pipes and fireplace cement, heat-, fire-, and acid-resistant gaskets, pipe insulation, ceiling insulation, fireproof drywall, flooring, roofing, lawn furniture and drywall joint .


in interior design, shiplap is a style of wooden wall siding characterized by long planks, normally painted white, that are mounted horizontally with a slight gap between them in a manner that evokes exterior shiplap walls. a disadvantage of the style is that the gaps are prone to accumulating dust.

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viewers then check out a new batt insulation made of cotton scraps and meet flooring contractor mike mcmurray, who will lay a new heart pine floor in the addition and make it match the old, which he will also be refinishing. we see paint and wallpaper prep, and a new plaster ceiling medallion made by master plasterer jean-francois furieri. we .


a stretched ceiling or stretch ceiling uses a number of individual panels using material such as pvc fixed to a perimeter rail. elements. ceilings have frequently been decorated with fresco painting, mosaic tiles and other surface treatments. while hard to execute at least in place a decorated ceiling has the advantage that it is largely .


scaffolding, also called scaffold or staging, is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures.scaffolds are widely used on site to get access to heights and areas that would be otherwise hard to get to. unsafe scaffolding has the potential to result in death or serious .


geofoam is expanded polystyrene eps or extruded polystyrene xps manufactured into large lightweight blocks. the blocks vary in size but are often 2 m × 0.75 m × 0.75 m 6.6 ft × 2.5 ft × 2.5 ft . the primary function of geofoam is to provide a lightweight void fill below a highway, bridge approach, embankment or parking lot. eps geofoam minimizes settlement on underground utilities.

particle board

some large companies base their strategies around providing furniture at a low price. to do this, they use the least expensive materials possible. in almost all cases, this means particle board or mdf or similar. however, manufacturers, in order to maintain a reputation for quality at low cost, may use higher grades of particle board, e.g .

list of commercially available roofing materials

thermoplastics e.g. pvc, tpo, . hollow-core slabs are used when there is a need for flushed ceiling. t-beams are similar to double tees but can be used for span ranging from 30 feet 9.1 m to 100 feet 30 m . joists and planks are combination of using prestressed joists with prestressed planks.