park bench wooden slats for sale

townsville showground

history. the townsville showground was established in 1882 by the north queensland pastoral and agricultural association p & a assoc. which later became known as the townsville pastoral agricultural and industrial association tpa&i . it remains in use as one of queensland's premier showgrounds and continues to provide an important regional venue for the showcasing of north queensland .

plaxton supreme

the plaxton supreme was a design of coach bodywork built by was first built, on small chassis only, in 1974, replacing the plaxton panorama. on full-sized chassis, it replaced the panorama elite in 1975, and was superseded by the paramount in 1982/3. however, the supreme continued to be built on the small bedford vas chassis until 1986.

chet holifield federal building

the chet holifield federal building, colloquially known as 'the ziggurat building', is a united states government building at 24000 avila road in laguna niguel, california built between 1968 and 1971, originally for north american aviation/rockwell international, and designed by william pereira.

mu ren zhuang

mu ren zhuang mandarin; cantonese: muk yan jong, literally wooden man post is a wooden dummy used in chinese martial arts training. it is associated with the martial art of wing chun and other kung fu styles of southern china .

michael thonet

michael thonet 2 july 1796 – 3 march 1871 . thonet began trying to make furniture out of glued and bent wooden slats. his first success was the bopparder schichtholzstuhl boppard layerwood chair in 1836. thonet gained substantial independence by acquiring the michelsmühle, the glue factory that made the glue for this process, in 1837. however, his attempts to patent the technology .

bedford ob

the bedford owb chassis was produced during the war to the same basic design as the ob, but replacing valuable metals, like aluminium, with cast iron, and fitted with austere bodywork and interior featuring 32 seats with no upholstery, just wooden slats like a park bench.

list of chairs

campeche chair, a 19th-century mexican lounge chair, popular in latin america, the caribbean, and the american has x-shaped sides and a sling seat and back made of leather, cane or wood slats. similar to a planter's chair, but without the extended arms.


beech wood is an excellent firewood, easily split and burning for many hours with bright but calm flames. slats of beech wood are washed in caustic soda to leach out any flavor or aroma characteristics and are spread around the bottom of fermentation tanks for budweiser beer .


improvised street bench in naples italy , made from wooden europallet. old and discarded wooden pallets can be used in pallet crafts and various furniture pieces. discarded wooden pallets should not be used for firewood or crafts unless it has been determined that the wood in these pallets has not been treated with wood preservatives, fungicides and/or pesticides. various pyrethrins and .


wooden lath. wooden-slat laths are still used today in building construction to form a base or groundwork for plaster, but modern lath and plaster applications are mostly limited to conservation projects.. tiles, slates, and other coverings on roofs and walls are often fastened to laths, sometimes also called battens or slats. such strips of wood are also employed to form lattice-work, or are .

threshing board

a threshing board is an obsolete agricultural implement used to separate cereals from their st; that is, to is a thick board, made with a variety of slats, with a shape between rectangular and trapezoidal, with the frontal part somewhat narrower and curved upward like a sled or sledge and whose bottom is covered with lithic flakes or razor-like metal blades.


origins. the name 'slapstick' originates from the italian batacchio or bataccio – called the 'slap stick' in english – a club-like object composed of two wooden slats used in commedia dell'arte.when struck, the batacchio produces a loud smacking noise, though it is only a little force that is transferred from the object to the person being struck.

windmill sail

in this design the leading boards are replaced by a rounded profile of wooden slats in the form of a foresail leaving a small slot between this profile and the stock. its working principle can be compared to a leading edge slot on an aircraft wing.

slovenski dom

the original roof was wooden shingles. today's interior of the building is much as it was in 1913. there are few original furnishings left in the building. originally, each lodge had its own desk, but only two remain. there are a number of the green wooden slat benches that provided seating in the main hall.


slate, a pioneer organization of the new left and precursor of the free speech movement and formative counterculture era, was a campus political party at the university of california, berkeley from 1958 to 1966.