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high-cri led lighting

high-cri led lighting is a light-emitting diode led lighting source that offers a high color rendering index cri .. cri is a quantitative measure of a light's ability to reproduce the colors of objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

phase-out of incandescent light bulbs

norway has implemented the eu directive for the phase-out of incandescent light bulbs and has followed the same phase out route as the eu. there was a half-year delay in implementing the directive compared to the eu, but the phase out occurred at the same time since the affected light bulbs were no longer available from european sources. russia

blacks outdoor retail

blacks outdoor retail is a british retailer, headquartered in bury, greater manchester, england which owns the british outdoor retailers blacks, millets and ultimate outdoors. blacks is the largest outdoor retailer in the uk with stores nationwide. the company entered administration in 2012 and is now owned by jd sports fashion plc.

honest ed's

honest ed's was a landmark discount store in toronto, ontario, canada.it was named for its proprietor, ed mirvish, who opened the store in 1948 and oversaw its operations for almost 60 years until his death in 2007.the store continued to operate until it permanently closed on december 31, 2016.

christmas lights

christmas lights also known as fairy lights or string lights are lights often used for decoration in celebration of christmas, often on display throughout the christmas season including advent and christmastide. the custom goes back to when christmas trees were decorated with candles, which symbolized christ being the light of the world.

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a lantern is a portable source of lighting, typically featuring a protective enclosure for the light source — historically usually a candle or a wick in oil, and often a battery-powered light in modern times — to make it easier to carry and hang up, and make it more reliable outdoors or in drafty interiors.lanterns may also be used for signaling, as torches, or as general light-sources .

montauk point light

the montauk point light is a lighthouse located adjacent to montauk point state park, at the easternmost point of long island, in the hamlet of montauk in the town of east hampton in suffolk county, new york. the lighthouse was the first to be built within the state of new york, and was the first public works project of the new united states.

vista outdoor

vista outdoor inc. is an american designer, manufacturer, and marketer of outdoor sports and recreation products. it operates in two segments, shooting sports and outdoor products. it is a 'house of brands' with more than 40 labels and subsidiaries.

metal-halide lamp

a metal-halide lamp is an electrical lamp that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides compounds of metals with bromine or iodine .it is a type of high-intensity discharge hid gas discharge lamp. developed in the 1960s, they are similar to mercury vapor lamps, but contain additional metal halide compounds in the quartz arc tube .

northern lights shopping center

northern lights shopping center is a strip mall located in economy, pennsylvania near pittsburgh.while it continues to serve as a traditional community-style strip mall for the immediate area, it was a major power center-style strip mall from its opening until the early 2000s.due to the high vacancy rate at the plaza, it is today largely considered a dead mall.