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attaching railing posts to rim joist. by stephen wilkes barre i have a very well built 16x14 deck, or deck surface that is, and i am looking through my options for attaching my railing posts to the rim joist which is a double 2x10 4x10 .

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rail post along a joist inside rim joist with blocking if you are building a wood railing and plan to use traditional joist connected railing posts here is a common configuration. this railing scenario is where you want to secure a post along the inside of the perimeter joist and against a perpendicular joist.

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regardless of the code, if you find the gap at the bottom of your railing system is causing problems, then you should extend the decking outward. you can support the extra piece of decking with a 2×4 nailed to the band or rim joist, shimmed out as needed. railing posts on a deck should not be shaky or splitting.

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g. paired posts at inside corner bracket the post inside the narrower deck section to a block on the joist as in a . block the second post back two joists into the deck frame as in c . align the block between the rim joist and the first inboard joist with the rim joist of the narrower deck section. source: mg

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posts are set on the inside face of the rim joist, or outside framing member. the post is then boxed in with blocking to create a sleeve for the post. mark the position of the post. install blocking between the two nearest joists, so that the blocking is 3½' off the inside face of the rim joist.