composite decking for circular shapes

486958 arrokoth

486958 arrokoth, provisional designation 2014 mu 69, is a trans-neptunian object located in the kuiper is a contact binary 36 km 22 mi long, composed of two planetesimals 21 km 13 mi and 15 km 9 mi across, nicknamed 'ultima' and 'thule', respectively, that are joined along their major axes. ultima, which is flatter than thule, appears to be an aggregate of 8 or so smaller units .


a t-beam or tee beam , used in construction, is a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal, with a t-shaped cross section. the top of the t-shaped cross section serves as a flange or compression member in resisting compressive stresses.

circle hook

a circle hook is a type of fish hook which is sharply curved back in a circular shape. it has become widely used among anglers in recent years because the hook generally catches more fish and is rarely swallowed. since the circle hook catches the fish on the lips at the corner of its mouth, it usually decreases the mortality rates of released fish as compared to j-hook like o'shaughnessy or .

torsion constant

in 1820, the french engineer a. duleau derived analytically that the torsion constant of a beam is identical to the second moment of area normal to the section j zz, which has an exact analytic equation, by assuming that a plane section before twisting remains planar after twisting, and a diameter remains a strht line. unfortunately, that assumption is correct only in beams with circular cross-sections, and is incorrect for any other shape where warping takes place.

composite bézier curve

in geometric modelling and in computer graphics, a composite bézier curve is a piecewise bézier curve that is at least continuous. in other words, a composite bézier curve is a series of bézier curves joined end to end where the last point of one curve coincides with the starting point of the next curve. depending on the application, additional smoothness requirements such as c1 or c2 continuity may be added. a continuous composite bézier is also called a polybezier, by similarity to .

pier architecture

the simplest cross section of the pier is square, or rectangular, but other shapes are also common. in medieval architecture, massive circular supports called drum piers, cruciform cross-shaped piers, and compound piers are common architectural elements. columns are a similar upright support, but stand on a round base.


a framer in the united states nailing the roof decking to prefabricated trusses using a nail gun. his tool belt and safety glasses are typical. hearing protection and fall arrest equipment is missing. a framer is someone who frames shapes or gives shape to , or someone who constructs. building industry. in building construction a framer is a carpenter who assembles the major structural .


a column or pillar in architecture and structural engineering is a structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements other words, a column is a compression member.the term column applies especially to a large round support the shaft of the column with a capital and a base or pedestal which is made of stone, or .

list of centroids

the following is a list of centroids of various two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. the centroid of an object in -dimensional space is the intersection of all hyperplanes that divide into two parts of equal moment about the hyperplane. informally, it is the 'average' of all points of .for an object of uniform composition, the centroid of a body is also its center of mass.

bending of plates

bending of plates, or plate bending, refers to the deflection of a plate perpendicular to the plane of the plate under the action of external forces and moments.the amount of deflection can be determined by solving the differential equations of an appropriate plate theory.the stresses in the plate can be calculated from these deflections. once the stresses are known, failure theories can be .

second moment of area

composite shapes. for more complex areas, it is often easier to divide the area into a series of 'simpler' shapes. the second moment of area for the entire shape is the sum of the second moment of areas of all of its parts about a common axis.

honeycomb structure

the shape of the honeycomb cell is often varied to meet different engineering applications. shapes that are commonly used besides the regular hexagonal cell include triangular cells, square cells, and circular-cored hexagonal cells, and circular-cored square cells. the relative densities of these cells will depend on their new geometry.

fyat multirotor

pathfinder is a quadrotor developed by fyat powered by four two-blade rotors, and the landing gear consists of a pair of skids. the center to which all four arms are attached to is not the usual circular shape as in most quadcopters, but instead, it is shaped like a rectangle at one end, combined with a semi-circle shape at the other end.