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roofs of antananarivo, madagascar. a roof is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building or on uprights; it provides protection against rain, snow, sunlight, extremes of temperature, and wind. a roof is part of the building envelope.

hospices de beaune

the northern, eastern and western buildings include a two-level gallery with stone columns on the ground floor and wood beams on the first floor. many dormer and attic windows can be observed with finely detailed wood and iron works. a well with gothic ironwork can also be seen in the centre of the courtyard.


a truss can be thought of as a beam where the web consists of a series of separate members instead of a continuous plate. in the truss, the lower horizontal member the bottom chord and the upper horizontal member the top chord carry tension and compression, fulfilling the same function as the flanges of an i-beam.

list of commercially available roofing materials

water reed, commonly used in ireland for thatching. shingle is the generic term for an individual roofing unit that is applied with other such units in an overlapping fashion. wood shingle, shingles sawn from bolts of wood such as red cedar which has a useful performance life expectancy of up to 30 years. however, young growth red cedar has a .

helen's tower

helen's tower is a 19th-century folly and lookout tower near bangor, county down, northern was built by the 5th baron of dufferin and claneboye and named for his mother, helen. he intended it as a shrine for poems, first of all a poem by his mother and then other poems that he solicited from famous poets over the years.

bayne–fowle house

the bayne–fowle house is a historic house located at 811 prince street in alexandria, virginia, united was added to the national register of historic places on november 6, 1986. the bayne–fowle house is a masonry townhouse built in 1854 for william bayne, an alexandria-based commission merchant. it is noted for its fine mid-victorian interiors and elaborate plasterwork.


hawkswood english derived place name. the earliest known spelling is hawswood, meaning the wood of the hawthorns but the name seems to have been later corrupted to hawkswood is a townland in the civil parish of kinawley, barony of tullyhaw, county cavan, ireland. the original irish place name was cluain caoin meaning 'the beautiful meadow'. the town of swanlinbar is partially situated in .


the citadel church in danish: kastelskirken is located in the kastellet citadel 'frederikshavn' in copenhagen, the capital of denmark. the church was originally reserved for the garrison of the castle, but in 1902 also incorporated a civil parish. the citadel church celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2004.