how to build outside seating from decking boards

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seating for your guests: $500 to $1,500; not planning could be a deathblow to your wallet, too. you don't want to build a patio or deck and then realize that while it's safe, it's not very .

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the build-your-own, fast-casual pizzeria niche is a relatively new, fast-growing concept that is getting backing from some big names in the business -- and a bunch outside of it, too. and while i

one liberty observation deck

the one liberty observation deck, also called philly from the top, opened to the public on november 28, 2015. the observation deck is fully enclosed and offers 360 degree panoramic views of the city from 883 feet above street level, which is the highest public access level and the tallest standing building attraction in philadelphia as of 2016.

seat configurations of airbus a380

the airbus a380 has two full-length decks of 49.9 metres 164 ft , though the upper deck has a slightly reduced usable length of 44.93 metres 147.4 ft due to the curvature of the front fuselage and the front staircase. the width of the main deck and upper deck measures 6.50 metres 21.3 ft and 5.80 metres 19.0 ft respectively.

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our diverts more than 400 million pounds of plastic film, bags and wrap each year from landfills and uses it to make eco-friendly outdoor living products that endure for 25 years. the components are mixed and a pigment and preservative are added during the process. the mixture is then heated, formed into a board shape, and cooled.


the transom, a horizontal cross-section load-bearing component which holds the batten, board, or decking unit. brace diagonal and/or cross section bracing component. batten or board decking component used to make the working platform. coupler, a fitting used to join components together. scaffold tie, used to tie in the scaffold to structures.

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deck 5 - sun deck: exterior deck, outdoor seating and sun lounges. the ship has 60 cabins onboard which include inside cabins, outside cabins, limited mobility cabins and staterooms. there are various public spaces on board to enjoy, such as the double story elegant paddlewheel lounge, which offers floor to ceiling windows looking out on the enormous paddlewheel.

use a salvaged tub to turn your backyard into a soothing .

use a salvaged tub to turn your backyard into a soothing oasis. . - ten 5-foot-long cedar fence boards for the decking . - clear outdoor protective sealer for all wood that's not pressure treated


the term 'deck' chair was used in the novels of e. nesbit in the 1880s, and passengers on p & o liners in the 1890s were encouraged to take their own on board. the classic deckchair can only be locked in one position. later, the strips of wood going toward the back were lengthened and equipped with supports so that there were several possible .