attach railing to styrofoam columns

cervical collar

a cervical collar, also known as a neck brace, is a medical device used to support a person's neck. it is also applied by emergency personnel to those who have had traumatic head or neck injuries, 1 and can be used to treat chronic medical conditions.

the new electric railway journal

the new electric railway journal issn 1048-3845 was a quarterly american magazine primarily about electric urban rail transit in north america, published from 1988 to 1998, with an international circulation. its name was a tribute to a much earlier magazine with similar coverage, the electric railway journal, established in 1884 and published until 1931.


the girt is commonly used as a stabilizing element to the primary structure e.g. column, post . wall cladding fastened to the girt, or a discrete bracing system which includes the girt, can provide shear resistance, in the plane of the wall, along the length of the primary member.

listed buildings in egremont, cumbria

egremont is a civil parish in the borough of copeland, cumbria, contains 26 buildings that are recorded in the national heritage list for england.of these, one is listed at grade i, the highest of the three grades, and the others are at grade ii, the lowest grade.

angellala rail bridge

angellala rail bridge is a heritage-listed railway bridge on the roma-cunnamulla railway line over angellala creek in sommariva in the shire of murweh, queensland, was designed by henry charles stanley and built from c. 1885 to 1994. it was added to the queensland heritage register on 21 october 1992.

raid on the beersheba to hafir el auja railway

the raid on the beersheba to hafir el auja railway took place on 23 may 1917 after the second battle of gaza and before the battle of beersheba during the stalemate in southern palestine in the sinai and palestine campn of world war i.

hayling island branch line

a 1910 railway clearing house map of local lines, showing the hayling island branch line. the hayling island branch was a railway in hampshire, england, that connected havant with hayling island. it was sometimes known as the hayling billy, a name now given to the footpath along the old track. history. the line was opened by the london, brighton and south coast railway lbscr for goods on 19 .

latsch building

the latsch building is a historic commercial property in winona, minnesota, united states.once known as the kupietz block, it was constructed in stages from 1860 to the 1880s. it was listed on the national register of historic places in 1975 under the misspelled name kirch/latch building for having local significance in the themes of architecture and commerce.

list of oslo metro lines

the following table presents the eleven lines of the oslo metro. they are chronologically sorted by the date of the first section of line to open. the service column indicates which of the six numbered services operates on most of the lines. services are omitted from lines where they serve only one or two stations.

foam fractionation

robert lemlich showed how foam fractionation columns can be operated in stripping, enriching, or combined modes depending on whether the feed is sent to the top, bottom or middle of the column , and can be operated with or without an external reflux stream at the top of the column. it helps to think of the process as similar to a gas-liquid absorption column.

structural integrity and failure

temperatures became high enough to weaken the core columns to the point of creep and plastic deformation under the weight of higher floors. the heat of the fires also weakened the perimeter columns and floors, causing the floors to sag and exerting an inward force on exterior walls of the building.

continuous foam separation

the setup for continuous foam separation consists of securing a column at the top of the container of solution that is to be foamed. air or a specific gas is dispersed in the solution through a sparger. a collecting column at the top collects the foam being produced. the foam is then collected and collapsed in another container.

normanton to croydon railway line

the normanton to croydon railway line is a heritage-listed railway line in the gulf country of northern queensland, australia.the railway line linking normanton in the shire of carpentaria to croydon in the shire of croydon was built between 1888 and 1891 and is the last isolated line of queensland rail still in use. it utilises an innovative system of submersible track with patented steel .

listed buildings in kirkby stephen

kirkby stephen is a civil parish in the eden district, cumbria, contains 52 listed buildings that are recorded in the national heritage list for england.of these, one is listed at grade ii*, the middle of the three grades, and the others are at grade ii, the lowest grade.

transposition cipher

the rail fence cipher is a form of transposition cipher that gets its name from the way in which it is encoded. in the rail fence cipher, the plaintext is written downwards and diagonally on successive 'rails' of an imaginary fence, then moving up when we get to the bottom.

alberto la ferla

alberto la ferla 1898-1942 was a maltese architect, active in the 1930s.. la ferma graduated in architecture from the university of malta and continued his studies in he deemed art nouveau to be a decadent style, he aimed to detach himself from any reference to it. he rather adhered to the new italian architectural fashion: monumentalism and stile littorio.

fresno river viaduct

the fresno river viaduct is a bridge currently under construction to carry california high-speed rail over route 145, the fresno river, and raymond road in madera county, california. it is the first permanent structure constructed as part of california high-speed rail.

wikipedia:route diagram template

the route diagram templates encompass a main container, named or , and its auxiliary templates, most of them having bs german: bahnstrecke at the root of their name.this system provides a uniform layout for route-map infoboxes, mainly for railway lines but also for other modes of transport such as waterways.such a map is built as a stack of rows, whose most significant part is a .

list of construction methods

pile foundations are rectangular or circular pads used to support loads such as columns. strip foundation edit strip foundations provide a continuous line of support to a linear structure such as a wall.