can floor tile be reused

min number of tiles required for a floor - stack overflow

you would be able to use a dynamic programming solution to solve this problem, but if you are new to programming in general this would be .

how to salvage old tiles for reuse - making the most of small .

aug 10, 2015 . . but you can save yourself some money by recycling existing porcelain wall and floor tiles. here's how to remove your old tiles and prepare .

libgdx tiled map get player position in whole map to make a minimap .

assuming your tile map makes use of rows and columns and each cell has a set width and height, you can get the player's position in the tile .

format log with spark/scala - stack overflow

may 4, 2017 . floor test received update from tile: \d , data = \ false true , 0 . you can always flatten it afterwards if you really need it. if you want to improve performance you can use mappartitions instead of flatmap and reuse the .

splitting sprites texture atlases into tiles with three.js - stack overflow

a question is: how to reuse a single texture? . assets/images/sprite-.jpg will be actual sprites - horizontal atlases single rows of tiles . first off . this means 43 tiles per sprite 43*380=16340 , where 16384 is a limit for the total width . . basegeometry ; const materialindex = math.floor thumbnailindex .

3 simple ways to remove mortar from a tile - tips bulletin

that would be cleaning the mortar off the tile floor, wall tiles, and grouting. . cleaning solutions that you can utilize as a home tile cleaner to remove tile mortar.

how to d only visible part of the tilemap on js canvas? - stack .

ding a large tileset. if you have a large tile set and only see part of it in the canvas you just need to calculate the tile at the top left of the canvas and the .

how to find list of possible words from a letter matrix boggle solver .

the fastest solution you're going to get will probably involve storing your dictionary in a trie. . its a bit bloated, but at least i reuse tree trie from cpan . the, their, then, these thesp, they, thin, thine, thir, thirl, til, tile, tiles, tilt tilter, tilth, tilts, tin, . what. return this.dict array start === exact var middle = math.floor start end /2  .

is it possible to reuse cement backer board after pulling up the tile .

it's just a question of will it be smooth enough after ripping up the tile. . whether we replace the floors at all, so i wanted to get some opinions before committing.

pathfinding for 2d tile map for multiple goals - stack overflow

this isn't a big problem. add a hypothetical end node e with distance 1 to all real goals, and search the best path to e. the one-but-last node .

replacing shower tile. can i reuse cement backing over wire .

apr 11, 2016 . ledger board. install your wall tile. install your floor tile. remove the ledger. fill holes with osi and dab a bit of redgard over it. tile bottom row.

how to recycle and reuse bathroom ceramic wall tiles - bright hub

from here they can be transported to a ceramic tile manufacturer. however, please note that having researched this subject, at present, there does not appear to .

can ceramic tiles be reused?

reusing ceramic tiles is not recommended because they tend to crack or break during the removal process. however, reusing the tiles is possible if they remain intact. in order to reuse them, the substance used to adhere the tile to the floor or wall will also have to be more≫

how to remove tile the easy way - like a pro pro tool reviews

oct 13, 2016 . removing tile is never a simple job but there are tools that can help. where it's on floors or walls, here is our guide on how to remove tile the easy way. . that you don't want to have to recreate if you can reuse the original.

waiting for async calls of several components before rendering .

as always, after some time data fetched in one component only will be required in some other component and with your approach data reuse .

how to choose a tile pattern for your flooring

installing tile on a floor is a beautiful choice. you can even create different tile patterns to add a little more personality to the more≫

view topic - lifting floor tiles for reuse home renovation & building .

however there are tiles within cupboards that i could use if they can be lifted out without damaging them. the tiles are laid on a cement screed .

how to d lots of bitmaps on screen in an android game without .

sep 16, 2009 . it looks like you are creating a new instance of each bitmap image for every tile rendered. maybe instead of doing that, you could create one .

aframe - how to make infinite floor with a-frame? - stack overflow

what i've done before is made one huge box as the floor, say 200x200, then set a sky with a position of -200 so it sits 'lower' on the scene and gives the illusion .

how to remove floor tiles without breaking them - ideas by mr right

jul 16, 2017 . the first thing that you have to do when removing floor tiles without . for making sure that grout is dealt with properly, you will have to take help .

best way to load big background in libgdx - stack overflow

if your editor/loader does not support multiple layers, then i would . the background shows the floor so no detailed hills etc are needed, just maybe . it is very easy to reuse tiles in something like a desert, because all their .

view with continuous scroll; both horizontal and vertical - stack .

as soon as a view/cell gets outside of the screen, it should be reused for . first, you need to make the contentsize big enough that you can scroll a bit, so i . int floor rect.origin.x/ itemwidth space : 0 let maxrow : int = min columns - 1, .

nsscrollview infinite / endless scroll subview reuse - stack overflow

as best i can tell, -adjustscroll: is not where you want to tap into the scrolling events because it doesn't get called universally.

drysystem by tau allows for ceramic tile reuse treehugger

mar 25, 2008 . 45x90 cm tiles can be slotted seamlessly into a polymer base. numerous advantages spring to mind: the floor is always accessible, even .

is it possible to get pixel values from ol.source.raster on mouse over .

we do not render the layer and the following code was what i ended up using. skipped the raster layers that was manipulating the elevation .

c : 2d sub-tile line intersection - stack overflow

instead of tracing the path by stepping along the line - you want to jump right to the next possible tile the border . this can be calculated fairly .

how to remove laminate flooring - the seven trust

removing laminate flooring is the first simple step of installing any new floor covering. . or take care of before you actually remove the laminate floor tiles or planks. . if this is the case, the flooring cannot be reused and you can use a pry bar .