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0 21 landscaping ideas for slopes slight, moderate and steep. turn that boring slope into something beautiful… quick navigation. is your block on a slant? these 21 landscaping ideas for slopes will help you turn your sloped yard into the envy of your flat yard friends and family.

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a deck, a flagstone patio and new plants are added to a backyard with a large pool. waterfall, koi pond, rain garden and flagstone terrace march 14, 2009 march 14, 2009

how to build a deck on a slope

dig one-foot diameter holes at the top of the slope that will hold supports for one side of your deck. make sure these are deep enough by digging until you find solid soil. step 2 place deck poles. place a deck pole in each hole allowing them to extend at least a foot higher than where you plan the deck to sit.

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for ideas on how to use decking in sloping gardens plus words of warning about some of the pitfalls have a look at the top deck website. this is an aspect of sloping garden design where an angle is actually really useful as it gives you scope to install kinetic water features.

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how to build a deck on a sloping garden . building a garden deck is a lot easier than you might think, with a basic knowledge of diy and few hand tools anyone can do it. decking can be a great way to level off a slope and make it a usable space. read on to find out how . . . . . . .

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i have a garden with a gentle slope going away from the house, i have neighbours to the back and sides. i want to lay decking at the bottom of the garden to make it the same level as the top. this will mean it will stand on stilts approx 2 foot above the ground level.

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a partly or fully raised deck can be a great addition to any garden, especially if the ground is sloping or uneven. learn how to build a raised deck with this step by step guide from our wickes