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ubon royal thai air force base

ubon royal thai air force base is a royal thai air force rtaf facility located near the city of ubon ratchathani, in ubon ratchathani province.it is approximately 488 km 303 miles northeast of bangkok.the laos border is about 60 kilometres 37 mi directly east. the facility is also used as a civil airport. ubon rtafb is the home of wing 21 of the rtaf 2nd air division.

fuel dispenser

the technology for communicating with gas pumps from a point of sale or other controller varies widely, involving a variety of hardware rs-485, rs-422, current loop, and others and proprietary software protocols. traditionally these variations gave pump manufacturers a natural tie-in for their own point-of-sale systems, since only they .

pete best

the play, which was mainly fiction, showed a scenario where after pete best's sacking, he went on to become a world-famous rock superstar while his ex-group struggled as one hit wonders. the play was critically acclaimed in both the liverpool echo and also in spencer leigh's 1998 book drummed out : the sacking of pete best.


a cockatoo is any of the 21 parrot species belonging to the family cacatuidae, the only family in the superfamily cacatuoidea.along with the psittacoidea true parrots and the strigopoidea large new zealand parrots , they make up the order psittaciformes.the family has a mainly australasian distribution, ranging from the philippines and the eastern indonesian islands of wallacea to new .

prison cell

a prison cell, also known as a jail cell, is a small room in a prison or police station where a prisoner is held. cells greatly vary by their furnishings, hygienic services, and cleanliness, both across countries and based on the level of punishment to which the person being held has been sentenced.

uss los angeles ca-135

the third uss los angeles ca-135 was a baltimore-class heavy cruiser, laid down by the philadelphia navy yard, philadelphia, on 28 july 1943 and launched on 20 august 1944. she was sponsored by mrs. fletcher bowron and commissioned on 22 july 1945, with captain john a. snackenberg in command.


the practice of using natural objects as rudimentary pieces of furniture likely dates to the beginning of human civilisation. early humans are likely to have used tree stumps as seats, rocks as rudimentary tables, and mossy areas for sleeping. during the late palaeolithic or early neolithic period, from around 30,000 years ago, people began constructing and carving their own furniture, using .

boeing 747-400

an eight-bunk overhead crew rest is installed above the aft cabin, while a second crew rest area is located on the upper deck behind the cockpit for flight crew use. the last few 747-400s delivered features the boeing signature interior, derived from the boeing 777. these aircraft are in service with qantas and china airlines.

iraq and weapons of mass destruction

iraq actively researched and later employed weapons of mass destruction wmd from 1962 to 1991, when it destroyed its chemical weapons stockpile and halted its biological and nuclear weapon programs as required by the united nations security council. the fifth president of iraq, saddam hussein, was internationally condemned for his use of chemical weapons during the 1980s campn against .


in the philippines, their version of baozi is called siopao brought by chinese immigrants sangleys prior to spanish colonialism. citation needed a filipino siopao filing contains meatballs, philippine adobo, flaked tuna and pork, and sometimes chocolate and cheese. a similar concept is also present in thailand, called salapao.

child laundering

child laundering is a scheme whereby intercountry adoptions are effected by illegal and fraudulent means. it may involve the trafficking of children, the acquisition of children through monetary arrangements, deceit and/or force.the children may then be held in sham orphanages while formal international adoption processes are used to send the children to adoptive parents in another country.

ss cokesit

these steamers, arcturus, cokesit, oakspring and rockport, were cleared by the maritime commission for sale to a foreign entity and were acquired by the greek firm for us$ 367,536 the same month. cokesit was renamed adelfoi chandris and was immediately put on the company's trade routes in the baltic and the mediterranean. the vessel remained in .

list of bank runs

this is a list of bank runs.a bank run occurs when a large number of bank customers withd their deposits because they believe the bank might fail. as more people withd their deposits, the likelihood of default increases, and this encourages further withdals. this can destabilize the bank to the point where it faces bankruptcy.

toyota liteace

the catalina package for masterace surf included a removable loft bed that became bunk beds with the second- and third-row seats laid flat. toyota facelifted the townace and masterace surf in august 1985, restyling the headlamps and garnish between them. in addition, the tail-lamps were reshaped and the strip above the license plate was .

ss u.s.s.r. victory

the ss u.s.s.r. victory was the third victory ship built during world war ii under the emergency shipbuilding program.she was launched by the california shipbuilding company on february 26, 1944. the ship was completed and delivered to the wartime operator of all united states oceangoing shipping, the war shipping administration wsa , on april 26, 1944.

la salle green hills

la salle green hills 'lsgh' is a private catholic school exclusively for boys located on ortigas avenue, mandaluyong city, metro manila, philippines.it is run by the roman catholic brothers of the christian schools-philippine district.it was established in 1959 by the de la salle brothers led by brother h. gabriel connon fsc of then de la salle college manila primarily to provide more grade .

uss los angeles ca-135

the third uss los angeles ca-135 was a baltimore-class heavy cruiser, laid down by the philadelphia navy yard, philadelphia, on 28 july 1943 and launched on 20 august 1944.she was sponsored by mrs. fletcher bowron and commissioned on 22 july 1945, with captain john a. snackenberg in command.

talk:circumcision/archive index

sale of excised foreskins to cosmetics or med research industry and also the foreskin of jesus 11 talk:circumcision/archive 74 sale of excised foreskins to cosmetics or med research industry and also the foreskin of jesus

leander-class frigate

the leander-class, or type 12i frigates, comprising twenty-six vessels, was among the most numerous and long-lived classes of frigate in the royal navy's modern history. the class was built in three batches between 1959 and 1973. it had an unusually high public profile, due to the popular bbc television drama series warship.the leander silhouette became synonymous with the royal navy through .

armidale-class patrol boat

the armidale class is a class of patrol boats built for the royal australian navy ran . planning for a class of vessels to replace the fifteen fremantle-class patrol boats began in 1993 as a joint project with the royal malaysian navy, but was cancelled when malaysia pulled out of the process.the project was reopened in 1999 under the designation sea 1444, with the ran as the sole participant.


the uzi hebrew: עוזי, officially cased as uzi / ˈ uː z i / is a family of israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns. smaller variants are often considered to be machine pistols. the uzi was one of the first weapons to use a telescoping bolt design which allows the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip for a shorter weapon.

norddeutscher lloyd

norddeutscher lloyd ndl north german lloyd was a german shipping company. it was founded by hermann henrich meier and eduard crüsemann in bremen on 20 february 1857. it developed into one of the most important german shipping companies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and was instrumental in the economic development of bremen and bremerhaven.