interior fences that are waterproof

lime plaster

lime plaster is a type of plaster composed of sand, water, and lime, usually non-hydraulic hydrated lime also known as slaked lime, high calcium lime or air lime . ancient lime plaster often contained horse hair for reinforcement and pozzolan additives to reduce the working time.


in addition to toxicity to fungi, insects, and marine borers, it serves as a natural water repellant. it is commonly used to preserve and waterproof cross ties, pilings, telephone poles, power line poles, marine pilings, and fence posts. although suitable for use in preserving the structural timbers of buildings, it is not generally used that .


wisteria is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, fabaceae leguminosae , that includes ten species of woody climbing bines that are native to china, korea, japan, and the eastern united states.some species are popular ornamental plants. an aquatic flowering plant with the common name wisteria or 'water wisteria' is in fact hygrophila difformis, in the family acanthaceae

basement waterproofing

although interior water drainage is not technically waterproofing, it is a widely accepted technique in mitigating basement water and is generally referred to as a basement waterproofing solution. many interior drainage systems are patented and recognized by boca building officials and code administrators as being effective in controlling basement water.


a rainscreen drainage plane is a separation between the veneer and the weather resistant barrier of a rainscreen. it provides predictable, unobstructed path drainage for liquid moisture to drain from a high point of the wall where it enters to a low point of the wall where it exits the wall detail.


a rainscreen is an exterior wall detail where the siding wall cladding stands off from the moisture-resistant surface of an air barrier applied to the sheathing sheeting to create a capillary break and to allow drainage and evaporation. the rain screen is the siding itself but the term rainscreen implies a system of building.

scrim material

scrim has a rectangular weave that is similar in size in its openings to a window screen. the bobbinet/bobbinette is a type of scrim that has a hexagonal hole shape and comes in a variety of hole sizes. it is used for a number of lighting effects in the film and theatre industries. scrim is also used in clothing, usually covering the face or .

bankstown reservoir

the rendering was made by ornamental exterior plastering and waterproofing of the interior of tank by cement gun. hand rendering began in february 1920. extra adjustments to the reservoir include the aluminium roof built in 1962 to preserve water quality. it is likely that the concrete walkway was removed or covered by the roof.

boundary markers of the original district of columbia .

the original southwest no. 2 marker disappeared before 1900. a marker stone now within a dar fence near the street curb at 7 russell road north of king street in alexandria is a replacement about .35 miles southeast of the original location. dar records show that the replacement marker was placed at its current location in 1920.


the incident of tom sawyer whitewashing a fence as punishment is a famous image in american literature. it appears in the adventures of tom sawyer written in 1876 by mark twain.. metaphorically, whitewashing refers to suppression or 'glossing over' possibly a close parallel construction of potentially damaging or unwelcome information.

crime prevention through environmental design

crime prevention through environmental design cpted is an agenda for manipulating the built environment to create safer neighborhoods.. it originated in america around 1960, when urban renewal strategies were felt to be destroying the social framework needed for self-policing.

surface finishing

surface finishing is a broad range of industrial processes that alter the surface of a manufactured item to achieve a certain property. finishing processes may be employed to: improve appearance, adhesion or wettability, solderability, corrosion resistance, tarnish resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, hardness, modify electrical conductivity, remove burrs and other surface flaws .

mexico–united states barrier

the mexico–united states barrier spanish: barrera méxico–estados unidos , also known as the border wall, is a series of vertical barriers along the mexico–united states border intended to reduce illegal immigration to the united states from mexico. the barrier is not a continuous structure, but a series of obstructions classified as 'fences' or 'walls'.