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thrust reversal

thrust reversal, also called reverse thrust, is the temporary diversion of an aircraft engine's thrust so that it acts against the forward travel of the aircraft, providing deceleration.thrust reverser systems are featured on many jet aircraft to help slow down just after touch-down, reducing wear on the brakes and enabling shorter landing distances.

vocational panel

the vocational panels irish: painéal gairmoideachais are one of three methods by which members are elected to seanad éireann, the upper house of the oireachtas of ireland.. the composition of seanad éireann is defined in outline by article 18 of the constitution of ireland, which provides for 11 appointees of the taoiseach, 6 senators elected by the universities, and 43 senators elected .

administrative panel

election. article 18 constitution of ireland provides that 43 of the 60 senators are to be elected from five vocational panels. the administrative panel is defined in article 18.7.1º v of the as 'public administration and social services, including voluntary social activities'. the seanad returning officer maintains a list of nominating bodies for each of the five panels.

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whether you're an avid hiker, a beach-goer don't worry, the panels are water-resistant or are trying to be a little bit more environmentally-friendly, the solsol is sure to be your new bff. shop .

lady drury's closet

lady drury's closet also known as the hawstead panels is a series of painted wooden panels of early 17th-century date, currently installed in the room over the porch of christchurch mansion in ipswich, suffolk, england.. they originally decorated a painted closet, about 7 feet 2.1 m square, adjacent to a bedroom in hawstead place, near bury st edmunds.

space-based solar power

space-based solar power sbsp is the concept of collecting solar power in outer space and distributing it to earth.potential advantages of collecting solar energy in space include a higher collection rate and a longer collection period due to the lack of a diffusing atmosphere, and the possibility of placing a solar collector in an orbiting location where there is no night.

table saw

a sliding table saw, also called a european cabinet saw, is a variation on the traditional cabinet saw. they are generally used to cut large panels and sheet goods, such as plywood or mdf. sliding table saws have a sliding table on the left side of the blade, usually attached to a folding arm mounted under the table, that is used for cross .

solar cell phone charger

solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries.they can be used when no electricity supply is available—either mains or, for example, a vehicle battery—and are sometimes suggested as a way to charge phones without consuming mains electricity, unlike electrical cell phone chargers. some can also be used as a conventional charger by plugging into an electrical outlet.

photovoltaic mounting system

photovoltaic mounting systems also called solar module racking are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs, building facades, or the ground. these mounting systems generally enable retrofitting of solar panels on roofs or as part of the structure of the building called bipv .


tethering, or phone-as-modem pam , is the sharing of a mobile device's internet connection with other connected computers. connection of a mobile device with other devices can be done over wireless lan , over bluetooth or by physical connection using a cable, for example through usb.. if tethering is done over wlan, the feature may be branded as a personal or mobile hotspot, which allows .

wasserman 9-panel plot

the wasserman 9-panel plot, often called a nine-panel plot, is a standard layout for the graphical representation of data produced by a cardiopulmonary exercise test. the layout was updated in 2012. the graphs give an overview of cardiovascular, ventilatory, and gas exchange parameters.. eponym. the wasserman 9-panel plot is named for american physiologist professor karlman wasserman m.d. ph.d .

modesty panel

a modesty panel is a thin board of wood or metal that is attached to the front of a desk, drafting table, electronic organ, or similar is intended to shield legs, ankles, or feet from view in a variety of circumstances. the panel provides privacy for the person seated at the desk or organ, as it covers the upper part of the legs.