exterior wall wood cladding pictures

sandwich panel

design of a cavity between the cladding and the exterior wall of the building or its sheath of insulation is also significant: flames can occupy the cavity and be dn upwards by convection, elongating to create secondary fires, and do so 'regardless of the materials used to line the cavities'. impermeability

grafton house

grafton house was also classed as 'very good' by breeam standards. design. the building is constructed with an in situ cast post tensioned concrete frame sits on top of piled foundations with precast brickwork spandrels and columns frame openings. the exterior walls are aluminium curtain walling, with timber windows, external rendering, timber .

leaky condo crisis

this causes rot and delamination of exterior wall cladding and sheathing, rusting in metal wall studs, rot in the wood structure, saturation of batt insulation, and development of mould and spores inside the walls and building interior. the construction failures ranged from minor to major failure of the structural integrity of the building .


according to the encyclopædia britannica eleventh edition 1910–1911 , roughcast used to be a widespread exterior coating given to the walls of common dwellings and outbuildings, but it is now frequently employed for decorative effect on country houses, especially those built using timber framing half timber .


the girt is commonly used as a stabilizing element to the primary structure e.g. column, post . wall cladding fastened to the girt, or a discrete bracing system which includes the girt, can provide shear resistance, in the plane of the wall, along the length of the primary member. since the girts are normally fastened to, or near, the exterior .


clapboard in modern american usage is a word for long, thin boards used to cover walls and formerly roofs of buildings. historically, it has also been called clawboard and cloboard. in australia and new zealand, the term weatherboard is always used.