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less traditionally, hiki 引 shōji sliding panels can be hung on rollers, which run on metal rails mounted on the side of the kamoi. this avoids fit problems caused by humidity-related changes in the dimensions of wood. such rail-mount shōji require a anti-sway pin, but may otherwise have a smooth, unobstructed threshold.


a balustrade or railing is a fence to prevent people from falling over an edge, most commonly found on a stairway, landing, or balcony. railing systems and balustrades are also used along roofs, bridges, cliffs, pits, and bodies of water.

york museum gardens

york museum gardens cover an area of 10 acres 4.0 ha on the north bank of the river ouse, just outside the city walls in the centre of york.there are four entrances to the gardens: on marygate off bootham by st olave's church, on museum street by lendal bridge, via a path at the side of king's manor, and from the riverside walk next to the river ouse.

surprise gardener

surprise gardener was a tv series on home & garden television hgtv which aired from 1998 to 2003. each week, host susie coelho welcomed a guest designer to perform a much needed backyard or garden makeover. each makeover was performed in a single day.

wrought iron

many products described as wrought iron, such as guard rails, garden furniture and gates, are actually made of mild steel. they retain that description because they are made to resemble objects which in the past were wrought worked by hand by a blacksmith although many decorative iron objects, including fences and gates, were often cast rather than wrought .

garden railway

a garden railroad or garden railway railroad in the us, railway elsewhere is a model railway system set up outdoors in a garden.while g is the most popular scale for garden railroads, 16 mm scale has a dedicated and growing following especially in the uk. model locomotives in this scale are often live steam scale models of british narrow gauge prototypes. 16 mm scale which runs on 32 mm / 1 .

oakland athletics

the history of the athletics major league baseball franchise spans the period from 1901 to the present day, having begun in philadelphia before moving to kansas city in 1955 and then to its current home in oakland, california, in 1968.the a's made their bay area debut on wednesday, april 17, 1968, with a 4-1 loss to the baltimore orioles at the coliseum, in front of an opening-night crowd of .

pet door

pet gates. a related idea to the pet door is the pet gate, an easily human-operated portal that keeps pets in or out and thwarts their attempts to open it by using a thumb-operated switch or a smooth door handle, and which is tall enough that it cannot be jumped over by the type of pet for which it was designed. styles vary, but they are .

deck railing

deck railing is a guard rail to prevent people falling from decks, stairs and balconies of buildings. over time, many different styles of deck railing have been developed. deck railing designs. mountain laurel railings on a timber frame porch. the most common residential deck .

dodington park

the wall, railings and gate piers near the bath lodge are listed grade ii. chippenham lodge and its terrace walls and the northern gateway to dodington park are listed grade ii*. 8 the gates and walls surrounding the kitchen garden toward the north of the park are listed grade ii, as is the garden cottage.