house with roof deck terrace

pier terrace, west bay

the pier terrace in west bay, dorset, was designed by the english arts and crafts architect edward schroeder prior in 1884–85. it is a grade ii listed building.. pier terrace is one of prior's most important early buildings. the influence of norman shaw, particularly his sisters of bethany convent, is still apparent in the double pitched tiled roof, stepped rhythm, tile hanging and bay .

roof garden

a roof garden can be distinguished from a green roof, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. the term roof garden is well suited to roof spaces that incorporate recreation, entertaining, and provide additional outdoor living space for the building's residents.

royal terrace, edinburgh

royal terrace is a grand street in the city of edinburgh, scotland, on the north side of calton hill within the new town and part of the unesco world heritage site inscribed in 1995, built on the south side of a setted street, facing the sloping banks of london road gardens, formerly royal terrace gardens, with views looking north towards leith and the firth of forth


a roof is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building or on uprights; it provides protection against rain, snow, sunlight, extremes of temperature, and wind. a roof is part of the building envelope.

deck building

cantilever decks rely on floor joists that protrude out further than the wall of the house. while this type of construction is common, it raises significant safety issues if the decks are not properly waterproofed and flashed. there have been a growing number deck failures resulting in death and critical injuries.

heliotrope building

the roof deck includes a sun and viewing deck, as well as a garden terrace. the solar panels can be used for sun or rain protection while on the roof terrace. all floors are accessible from the spiral staircase reducing surface loss through hallways and corridors. awards. 2008 german sustainability award

terraced houses in the united kingdom

most terraced houses have a duo pitch gable roof. for a typical two-up two-down house, the front room has historically been the parlour, or reception room, where guests would be entertained, while the rear would act as a living room and private area.

carlton house terrace

carlton house terrace is a street in the st james's district of the city of westminster in london. its principal architectural feature is a pair of terraces of white stucco-faced houses on the south side of the street overlooking st. james's park. these terraces were built on crown land between 1827 and 1832 to overall designs by john nash, but with detailed input by other architects including decimus burton, who exclusively designed no. 3 and no.4.

sun terrace

sun terrace, also known as the field house, is a historic house on stub hollow road in new hartford, connecticut.commissioned in 1929 for a scion of the vanderbilt family and completed in 1932, it is the first successful residential commission of william lescaze, and the first documented example in the united states of an international style country house.

terraced house

in architecture and city planning, a terrace or terrace house uk or townhouse us 1 is a form of medium-density housing that originated in europe in the 16th century, whereby a row of attached dwellings share side walls. they are also known in some areas as row houses or row homes especially in baltimore,.

penthouse apartment

a penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium, or hotel.penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. the term 'penthouse' originally referred, and sometimes still does refer, to a separate smaller 'house' that was constructed on the roof of an apartment building.

byelaw terraced house

a byelaw terraced house is a type of dwelling built to comply with the public health act 1875. it is a type of british terraced house at the opposite end of the social scale from the aristocratic townhouse, but a marked improvement on the pre-regulation house built as cheap accommodation for the urban poor of the industrial revolution. the term usually refers to houses built between 1875 and 1918.

domestic roof construction

domestic roof construction is the framing and roof covering which is found on most detached houses in cold and temperate climates. such roofs are built with mostly timber, take a number of different shapes, and are covered with a variety of materials