plastic deck boards brisbane


there are four main types of snowskates: single deck a skateboard-deck-like platform made out of either wood and/or plastic bilevel similar to a skate board but, instead of trucks and wheels, a small ski with metal edges called a subdeck is used with special trucks to be used on a ski hill ;4x4 a skateboard but the wheels are replaced by .

australian mutual provident society building

the australian mutual provident society building is a heritage-listed office building at 416-418 flinders street, townsville cbd, city of townsville, queensland, australia. it was designed by hall and cook and built from 1937 to 1938 by stuart brothers. it is also known as the former amp building and connolly suthers lawyers.

jimna single men's barracks

jimna single men's barracks is a heritage-listed workers' housing at 4 tip road, jimna, somerset region, queensland, was built in 1930s. it was added to the queensland heritage register on 27 november 2008.

longboard skateboard

longboard decks can be shaped in such a way that they bow up or down along the length of the board. they can also have a downward bend along the width of the board. concave boards, which bend upward on the sides, give the rider more friction for their toe and heel, thus giving them more control. a camber board is a gradual upward arch along the .

list of bridges in australia

bridges of architectural interest. this table contains a non-exhaustive list of bridges of architectural interest, as determined by the engineers australia and/or other architectural organisations, as cited.

ss dorrigo

ss dorrigo was a cargo and passenger steam ship. it was built under the name of saint francois by the smiths dock company at the south bank in middlesbrough on the river tees in northeast england for the compagnie navale de l'océanie for the pacific island postal and general trade service, for which it sailed the waters of the pacific from 1914 to 1921. . the ship suffered minor damage during .