tracing sewer line in basement floor

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how do you trace drains under the basement floor?

it will also tell you which direction the probe is heading. you can simply paint a trace of the line right on the basement floor or the yard grass, complete with depth indications. if you use the video camera too, then you even know where the 'problem' is and if you have just run past any branches in the line.

how to locate waste pipe in concrete slab? - doityourself

i want to do a rough-in for a new bathroom in the basement and would like to know how to find which way the pvc waste pipe runs under the concrete floor. the main stack waste pipe is in the center of the basement and leads out to my septic tank.

‘i’ve lost everything’: sewage backup floods queens homes

i have been a adjuster for over five years and i live in south ozone park. most homeowners policies do not cover off premise sewer backups unless you have the backup endorsement.

plumbing - how can i verify where the pipes in my basement

if it was laid out for a basement bathroom, which would be my guess, then those smaller pipes would be vanity drain, and would be laid out to line up within a 2x4 wall. you will need a framing square, and a 4' level or some equivalent thing to make a perpendicular square line off of the wall nearest one of the smaller pipes, and then the other.

causes and solutions for a backed up sewer line in basement

backed up sewer line in basement: the 5 main causes. sewer water backing up in your basement can be from numerous causes, and it typically takes a professional to figure out the root cause. in addition, a novice searching for the cause of a basement sewer back up can frequently exasperate the situation.

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the this old house hour. 2002; 18 seasons how the study's modern narrow strip flooring is being removed in order to show the more historic wide pine boards underneath. unclogging a sewer

server room makeover: minor improvements can go a long way

server room makeover: minor improvements can go a long way. it's a basement with a concrete basement floor. although we could jackhammer out enough material to create a raised floor, it's not

how does a basement floor drain work? hunker

if the basement floor is lower than the spot where the main sewer line exits the home, the floor drain could connect to a third type of drainage system a sewer pit with an ejector pump. if the drain runs to a sewer pit, which is not the same as a sump pit, it's permissible to drain a washing machine or sink in the floor drain.