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dream floor 42 - woods key in ch 10; starry eyes- inside a yellow chest on floor 44 of bada-bing tower on the lower left side. sleepy eyes- given to you be a young woman sitting on the roof in northbeech, need to fly the helicopter to speak to her, it is the helipad directly to the west/left of city hall.

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knotty pine is used anywhere wood appears as a decor element: paneling for walls and ceilings, flooring, cabinets and furniture. traditional knotty pine is characterized by warm yellow to orange colors; the wood is often stained and varnished. in traditional paneling, the boards are narrow with rounded edges that create a complex texture along with the knot pattern.

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the symptoms and signs of blue stain fungus are a blue-gray discoloration of sapwood in wedge shapes of recently killed trees. trees of which we harvest sustainably to hand craft our blue stain pine flooring and wall paneling. the discoloration arises from the deep pigmentation of the fungus.

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our blue stain pine flooring is produced from 100% salvaged ponderosa pine trees killed by the mountain pine beetle. the wide array of colors are all natural as a result of a fungus from the pine beetle. every tree is hand picked in the forest and range from 100-400 years old. custom kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content.

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reviews video news pictures recalls maple flooring on pine studs , and a concrete foundation. as you can see in this image, the room looks just like a spaceship with neon blue accents

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the maximum limit of photos you can store is 126, but you are free to delete whichever ones you choose. in addition, the shots-viewer, which is selectable from the main menu, includes a sort option x button which lets you categorize the photos.