cypress lumber for sale in arkansas

wilson lumber company - cypress and hardwoods

wilson lumber company, inc. has been supplying properly manufactured and graded cypress lumber for over 50 years, and our business continues to grow. everyday we serve new and repeat customers from all over the country. references can be furnished where our products have been supplied.

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cypress lumber for woodworkers - friendly service and fast

a wood doesn't float, for example, if it's specific gravity is 1.00 or greater. we display the specific gravity for each of our woods using it's kiln-dried measurement instead of the non-dried measurement . it's just a guide. the trouble with this number is that the specific gravity of a wood changes with its moisture content.

jimmy's cypress - specialty lumber company which markets

welcome to jimmy's cypress. we offer the internet's largest selection of cypress lumber products. headquartered in austin, texas, jimmy's cypress is a specialty lumber company which markets, sells, manufactures, and ships its cypress products direct to the public, nationwide

arkansas cypress and cedar - northeast arkansas/tri-state's

located in rural lynn, arkansas, arkansas cypress and cedar is the place to get good natural lumber in our tri-state area arkansas, missouri, and tennessee . our lumber can be at the heart of your next project, no matter the size, with our affordable lumber prices. we deliver to a limited area, call for delivery info and pricing.

ashley river lumber the lowcountry's sawmill

ashley river lumber specializes in producing high quality green grade lumber products for matting, stacking, blocking, construction and shipping. all of our timber is locally sourced from company owned lands and through agreements we have with our neighbors in the area.