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belt and braces - idioms by the free dictionary

definition of belt and braces in the idioms dictionary. belt and braces phrase. what does belt and braces expression mean? definitions by the largest idiom dictionary.

belt-and-braces definition and meaning collins english

belt-and-braces definition: providing double security, in case one security measure should fail meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples log in dictionary

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'belt and braces' - meaning and origin. - phrasefinder

going 'belt and braces' is a double insurance against having them fall down. the figurative use, as a general term for cautiousness, was coined around the mid-20th century in the uk. the unnecessarily cautious use of both belt and braces was referred to in print before the 'belt and braces' shorthand was coined, as in this example from the uk

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a belt and braces approach definition and meaning

a belt and braces approach definition: a situation in which you do something extra in order to make sure that something is safe meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. log in dictionary. thesaurus. translator. grammar. english.

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urban dictionary: belt and braces

often when the female is rather promiscuous just like wearing a belt and braces to ensure you're trousers don't fall down. the act of wearing two condoms to ensure no accidents occur. browse

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belt and braces definition: 1. the use of two or more actions in order to be extra careful about something, although only oneā€¦. learn more. cambridge dictionary plus