how to clean teak boat deck

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i disagree. there are numerous original articles with licensed starck photos, including the times, daily mail, boat international and superyachttimes from may to august 2015, that called it sailing yacht a and discussed the yacht. it is enough for an accurate reference an clearly shows the name is s/y a. none of them mention anything like white .


holystoning the deck was part of queen victoria's regulations for british-owned emigration vessels in 1848, '11. duties of the sweepers to be to clean the ladders, hospitals, and round houses, to sweep the decks after every meal, and to dry-holystone and scrape them after breakfast.'

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boat building

teak or iroko is usually used to create the deck and any superstructure. glue , screws , rivets and/or nails are used to join the wooden components. before teak is glued the natural oil must be wiped off with a chemical cleaner, otherwise the joint will fail.


plumbing. oakum can be used to seal cast iron pipe drains. after setting the pipes together, workers pack oakum into the joints, then pour molten lead into the joint to create a permanent seal. the oakum swells and seals the joint, the 'tar' in the oakum prevents rot, and the lead keeps the joint physically tight.


iroko is known to the igbo people as oji wood. it is one of the woods sometimes referred to as african teak, although it is unrelated to the teak family. the wood colour is initially yellow but darkens to a richer copper brown over time.

wood stain

in certain cases you need to clean the wood or remove existing stains prior to staining the wood with a commercial stain in order to avoid damaging the wood. this can be the case for both unfinished and finished wood. cleaning stained wood. there are special consideration when cleaning stained wood.


use of modern cleaning compounds, oils or preservatives will shorten the life of the teak, as it contains natural teak oil a very small distance below the white surface. wooden boat experts will only wash the teak with salt water, and re-caulk when needed. this cleans the deck, and prevents it from drying out and the wood shrinking.

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guy sets a fire while cleaning boat trailer. while filming a tutorial on how to clean the inside of your boat trailer, this kid accidentally almost set his face on fire when he employed the use of .


on most boats a deck covers the hull, in part or whole. while a ship often has several decks, a boat is unlikely to have more than one. above the deck are often lifelines connected to stanchions, bulwarks perhaps topped by gunnels, or some combination of the two.

head watercraft

in many modern boats, the heads look similar to seated flush toilets but use a system of valves and pumps that brings sea water into the toilet and pumps the waste out through the hull in place of the more normal cistern and plumbing trap to a drain. in small boats the pump is often hand operated.

electric boat

the boats were used for leisure excursions up and down the river thames and provided a very smooth, clean and quiet trip. the boat could run for six hours and operate at an average speed of 8 miles per hour.

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a narrowboat is a boat of a particular design, made to fit the narrow canal locks of the united kingdom.the uk's canal system provided a nationwide transportation network during the industrial revolution, but with the advent of the railways commercial canal traffic gradually diminished and the last regular long-distance traffic disappeared in 1970.. however, some commercial traffic continued .