composite tan color post handrails for swimming

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my objection is mostly about the color scheme which makes it hard to detect the relation of the plates to the continents. one way to fix this would be to switch the scheme to dark, saturated colors for continents and light, desaturated colors for oceans. i also recommend changing the colors for the arabian and caribbean plates because the .

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i'd suggest smoothing the outlines of the snakes, especially titanoboa has some strange lumps on its dorsal side, broghammerus also seems to be lacking a head. you should also probably add grid lines, and some colors could also make the image more interesting, although that's more of an optional thing.

sherman firefly

the main armament of the sherman firefly was the ordnance quick-firing 17-pounder.designed as the successor to the british qf 6-pounder, the 17-pounder was the most powerful british tank gun of the war, and one of the most powerful of any nationality, being able to penetrate more armour than the 8.8 cm kwk 36 fitted to the german tiger i or the panther tank's 7.5 cm kwk 42.

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the seabee 'constructionman' ranks of e-1 through e-3 are designated by sky-blue stripes on uniforms. the color was adopted in 1899 as a uniform trim color designating the civil engineer corps, but was later given up. its continued use is a bit of naval heritage in the ncf.

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the article impossible colors says that we cannot in normal circumstances perceive a color red-green that is similar to both red and green. indeed, the cie 1931 color space chromaticity diagram shows that a combination of a pure red hue and a pure green hue on a line between them in the diagram will be perceived as yellow or orange.


these doors are generally red or brown in color and bear a resemblance to the more formal doors found in other british colonies' public houses. a false door is a wall decoration that looks like a window. in ancient egyptian architecture, this was a common element in a tomb, the false door representing a gate to the afterlife.

diving cylinder

a diving cylinder, scuba tank or diving tank is a gas cylinder used to store and transport the high pressure breathing gas required by a scuba may also be used for surface-supplied diving or as decompression gas or an emergency gas supply for surface supplied diving or scuba. cylinders provide gas to the diver through the demand valve of a diving regulator or the breathing loop of a .

show jumping

breeches are traditional in color, usually white, tan, or beige. at approved competitions, depending on sanctioning organization, a dark-colored coat usually is worn although under the rules of the usef tweed or wash jackets are allowed in the summer and lighter colors are currently in fashion , with a light-colored usually white ratcatcher-style shirt and either a choker or stock tie .


longitude is given as an angular measurement ranging from 0 at the prime meridian to 180 eastward and −180 westward. the greek letter λ lambda , is used to denote the location of a place on earth east or west of the prime meridian. each degree of longitude is sub-divided into 60 minutes, each of which is divided into 60 seconds.

united states marine corps amphibious reconnaissance .

the united states marine corps's amphibious reconnaissance battalion, formerly company, was a specialized team of marines and navy corpsmen that performed clandestine preliminary pre–d-day amphibious reconnaissance of planned beachheads and their littoral area within uncharted enemy territory for the joint-navy/marine force commanders of the pacific fleet during world war ii.


the color of the veil may be black, red, purple, or white, depending upon the liturgical day and practice of the church. in traditional churches, there will sometimes be curtains placed to either side of the altar. the veil of our lady is a liturgical feast celebrating the protection afforded by the intercessions of the virgin mary.

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the harder picture is a 3d or pseudo-3d depiction of the swimming pool example, to illustrate integrals of volume, surface, and curve. i haven't yet thought much about its appearance. but before i invest that effort, i'd like some feedback to know if the new section as a whole, or at least that example, is likely to be retained. unfortunately .

fencepost limestone

as stone post fences are removed or are replaced with steel or wood post fences, the stone posts are usually collected for reuse, often in landscaping, but, because of their greater weight and strength, they are also used as corner posts in new fences.

disability in singapore

since the founding of the singapore disability sports council then named the 'singapore sports council for the handicapped' in 1973, singaporean disabled athletes started participation in regional and commonwealth disability sport events. singapore entered a team in paralympic games for the first time at the 1988 summer paralympics, and have participated in every summer games since.

me too movement

the me too movement or metoo movement , with a large variety of local and international related names, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. the movement began to spread virally in october 2017 as a hashtag on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace.