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uss peoria lst-1183

the lsts have a ramp forward of the superstructure that connects the lower tank deck with the main deck and a passage large enough to allow access to the parking area amidships. the vessels are also equipped with a stern gate to allow the unloading of amphibious vehicles directly into the water or to unload onto a utility landing craft lcu or pier.

tamana ngo

tamana is a non-profit voluntary organization registered in early march 1984 in india, comprising three special education centers, a training cell and a research center to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. the organization's work is recognized by ministry of social justice and empowerment, govt. of india, department of social welfare; govt. of nct delhi .

single-family detached home

terms corresponding to a single-family detached home in common use are single-family home in the us and canada , single-detached dwelling in canada , detached house in the united kingdom and canada , and separate house in new zealand . citation needed in the united kingdom, the term single-family home is almost unknown, except through internet exposure to us media.

rfa argus a135

rfa argus is a ship of the royal fleet auxiliary operated by the mod under the blue ensign. italian-built, argus was formerly the container ship mv contender bezant . the ship was requisitioned in 1982 for service in the falklands war and purchased outright in 1984 for use as an aviation training ship, replacing rfa engadine .

mega ramp

a mega ramp, or megaramp, is the informal name given to any large-format vert ramp structure, often used in skateboarding and freestyle bmx.the name distinguishes a second generation of ramps which became increasingly popular during the 1990s-2000s transition years. they are so called to distinguish them from the more modest classic ramps used throughout the preceding decades of these sports .

2020 coronavirus pandemic in pakistan

2020 coronavirus pandemic in pakistan map of confirmed cases by districts in pakistan as of 18 april 2020 confirmed cases suspected cases punjab remains the province with highest number of cases at over 3,800 as of 19 april 2020 disease covid-19 virus strain sars-cov-2 location pakistan first outbreak wuhan, hubei, china index case karachi arrival date 26 february 2020 1 month, 3 weeks and 4 .

house plan

site plans are dn to show the location of a home on the property in its context. it is an overhead view of the construction site and the home as it sits in reference to the boundaries of the lot. site plans should outline location of utility services, setback requirements, easements, location of driveways and walkways, and sometimes even .

list of missouri conservation areas – southeast region .

conservation area description size county location acres ha allred lake natural area: the 160-acre 0.65 km 2 area contains 53 acres 210,000 m 2 of forest and the allred lake natural area.facilities/features: 1/4-mile trail ending in a short boardwalk, viewing deck, and allred lake 7 acres .

ramped cargo lighter

the ramped cargo lighter or rcl was a landing craft used in many parts of the world during the second world war.designed in canada and manufactured in vancouver and toronto, its primary purpose was lighterage work following assault landings. the rcl also provided water transport in coastal operations. these lighters were built in sections to simplify shipping and assembled in the theatre of .

rfa argus a135

in 2007 the ship was refitted with upgraded hospital facilities replacing the forward aircraft lift with a ramp for emergency exit for hospital trollies and patients as well as two 50-man passenger lifts that lead to a new structure erected on the flight deck , generators and aviation systems the ship is due to receive an upgrade to its night .

house plan

dling set. the principal information provided in set of blueprint dings are as follows: site plans are dn to show the location of a home on the property in its context. it is an overhead view of the construction site and the home as it sits in reference to the boundaries of the lot.


the lcm-8 'mike boat' is a river boat and mechanized landing craft used by the united states navy and army during the vietnam war and subsequent operations. they are currently used by governments and private organizations throughout the world. the acronym stands for 'landing craft mechanized, mark 8'.

north sea flood of 1953

the 1953 north sea flood was a major flood caused by a heavy storm that occurred on the night of saturday, 31 january 1953 and morning of sunday, 1 february 1953. the floods struck the netherlands, belgium and the united kingdom.. a combination of a high spring tide and a severe european windstorm over the north sea caused a storm tide; the combination of wind, high tide, and low pressure led .


a house is a building that functions as a home.they can range from simple dwellings such as rudimentary huts of nomadic tribes and the improvised shacks in shantytowns to complex, fixed structures of wood, brick, concrete or other materials containing plumbing, ventilation, and electrical systems. houses use a range of different roofing systems to keep precipitation such as rain from getting .

deception indicated

now in afghanistan, carrie visits the home of one of her former assets, but learns he was branded a traitor by the taliban and publicly executed. growing more concerned about what information she may have revealed while in captivity, she asks the station chief cliff chamberlain whether russia shares information with the taliban. he confirms .

2020 coronavirus pandemic in pakistan

the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached pakistan in february 2020. as of 14 april 2020, the number of confirmed cases in the country is over 5,700, with 1,378 recoveries and 96 deaths. punjab is currently the region with highest number of cases at over 2,800. multiple regions across the country have imposed lockdowns until mid to late april to stem the outbreak.

uscgc matagorda wpb-1303

uscgc matagorda wpb-1303 , the first 110-foot cutter to be converted to 123 feet, at integrated support command new orleans, louisiana, on 27 march 2004. matagorda made a brief stop in new orleans on the way to her home port in key west, florida.

hms eagle r05

hms eagle was an audacious-class aircraft carrier of the royal navy, in service 1951–1972.until the arrival of the queen elizabeth-class aircraft carriers in the 21st century, she was one of the two largest royal navy aircraft carriers ever built.. she was laid down on 24 october 1942 at harland and wolff shipyard in belfast as one of four ships of the audacious class.

history of the aircraft carrier

another british innovation was the ski-jump ramp as an alternative to contemporary catapult systems. the ski-jump ramp at the end of a runway or flight deck allows an aircraft which makes a running start to convert part of its forward momentum into upward motion. the intent is that the additional altitude and upward-angled flight path from the .


the landing craft personnel large or lcp l was a landing craft used extensively in the second world war.its primary purpose was to ferry troops from transport ships to attack enemy-held shores. the craft derived from a prototype designed by the eureka tug-boat company of new orleans, louisiana, usa.manufactured initially in boatyards in and around new orleans, as requirements grew it was .