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list of united states commemorative coins and medals .

captains lewis and clark on a stream bank planning another day of exploration two feathers, an image of the original jefferson peace medal presented, surrounded by 17 stars representing the number of states in the union in 1804 ag 90%, cu 10% authorized: 500,000 max uncirculated: 90,323 p proof: 288,492 p 2004

satellite imagery

the first images from space were taken on sub-orbital flights. the u.s-launched v-2 flight on october 24, 1946 took one image every 1.5 seconds. with an apogee of 65 miles 105 km , these photos were from five times higher than the previous record, the 13.7 miles 22 km by the explorer ii balloon mission in 1935.


shringasaurus meaning 'horned lizard', from sanskrit शृङ्ग śṛṅga , 'horn', and ancient greek σαῦρος sauros , 'lizard' is an extinct genus of archosauromorph reptile from the middle triassic of is known from the type and only known species, s. indicus. shringasaurus is known from the denwa formation in the state of madhya pradesh.

separation barrier

a separation barrier or separation wall is a barrier, wall or fence, constructed to limit the movement of people across a certain line or border, or to separate peoples or cultures. a separation barrier that runs along an internationally recognized border is known as a border barrier. citation needed david henley opines in the guardian that separation barriers are being built at a record-rate .

orange is the new black season 5

the fifth season of the american comedy-drama television series orange is the new black premiered on netflix on june 9, 2017, at 12:00 am pst in multiple countries. it consists of thirteen episodes, each between 51–60 minutes. the series is based on piper kerman's memoir, orange is the new black: my year in a women's prison 2010 , about her experiences at fci danbury, a minimum-security .

significant landscape overlays

significant landscape overlays are used as part of constructing planning schemes by each local government in victoria, australia. in combination with zones which control land usage, overlays are designed to control land development.

lufthansa heist

the lufthansa heist was a robbery at new york city's john f. kennedy international airport on december 11, 1978. an estimated $5.875 million equivalent to $23 million in 2019 was stolen, with $5 million in cash and $875,000 in jewelry, making it the largest cash robbery committed on american soil at the time. jimmy burke, a lucchese crime family associate, was reputed to be the mastermind of .

site plan

site plan topics site analysis. site analysis is an inventory completed as a preparatory step to site planning, a form of urban planning which involves research, analysis, and synthesis. it primarily deals with basic data as it relates to a specific site. the topic itself branches into the boundaries of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, economics, and urban planning.


an orthophoto, orthophotograph or orthoimage is an aerial photograph or satellite imagery geometrically corrected 'orthorectified' such that the scale is uniform: the photo or image follows a given map projection. unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophoto can be used to measure true distances,.

facial composite

a facial composite is a graphical representation of one or more eyewitnesses' memory of a face, as recorded by a composite artist. facial composites are used mainly by police in their investigation of usually serious crimes. these images are used to reconstruct the suspect's face in hope of identifying them.