panorama railing near the water

panorama developments guildford ltd v fidelis furnishing .

panorama developments guildford ltd v fidelis furnishing fabrics ltd 1971 2 qb 711 is a uk company law case, concerning the enforceability of obligations against a company.

lynton and lynmouth cliff railway

the lynton and lynmouth cliff railway is a water-powered funicular railway joining the twin towns of lynton and lynmouth on the rugged coast of north devon in southwest england.. lynton and lynmouth are separated by a high cliff, making it hard for people and goods to move between them. in the late 1800s, interest arose in building a funicular or cliff lift to join them.

panorama route

the panorama route is a scenic road in south africa connecting several cultural and natural points of interest. the route, steeped in the history of south africa, is in mpumalanga province, centred around the blyde river canyon, the world's third largest features numerous waterfalls, one of the largest afforested areas in south africa, and several natural landmarks.

penmanshiel tunnel

penmanshiel tunnel is a now-disused railway tunnel near grantshouse, berwickshire, in the scottish borders region of scotland. it was formerly part of the east coast main line between berwick-upon-tweed and dunbar.. the tunnel was constructed during 1845–46 by the contractors ross and mitchell, to a design by john miller, who was the engineer to the north british railway.

quintinshill rail disaster

the quintinshill rail disaster was a multi-train rail crash which occurred on 22 may 1915 outside the quintinshill signal box near gretna green in dumfriesshire, scotland. it resulted in the deaths of over 200 people, and is the worst rail disaster in british history.


the panorama was a 360-degree visual medium patented under the title apparatus for exhibiting pictures by the artist robert barker in 1787. the earliest that the word 'panorama' appeared in print was on june 11, 1791 in the british newspaper the morning chronicle, referring to this visual spectacle.

panora, iowa

panorama days includes a parade and street dance in panora, and a water skiing show at lake panorama. parks and recreation. in panora, the well shaded lenon mill park campgrounds just downstream of the lenon mill dam on the middle raccoon river are part of the much larger 1,236-acre 5.00 km 2 lenon mill park and wildlife area. the campgrounds .

meridian water

meridian water is a £6bn, 20-year regeneration programme in upper edmonton, in the south-east of the london borough of enfield, north london. led by the council, the project will build 10,000 homes next to the lee valley regional park.

schlitterbahn kansas city

schlitterbahn waterpark kansas city was a water park that opened on july 15, 2009 in kansas city, was announced in september 2005 by schlitterbahn waterparks.the 370-acre 1.5 km 2 , $750 million development included a nearly 40-acre 160,000 m 2 waterpark, which is schlitterbahn's fourth waterpark and its first outside texas. .

john ware tv journalist

john ware is a british journalist, author, and investigative reporter.. he was at the sun in belfast from 1974 to 1977 and then a researcher on granada/itv's world in action,. in 1981, he beame a producer for world in action. he also presented bbc's rough justice, taking liberties and inside story.he then worked the worcester evening news and droitwich guardian.

carson sink

the carson sink was a deep portion of the pleistocene water body lake lahontan, the lakebed of which is now the lahontan basin. the carson trail used during the california gold rush across the lahontan basin included a section from through the forty mile desert to the first drinkable water on the carson river.

panorama of the battle of waterloo

the panorama of the battle of waterloo french: panorama de la bataille de waterloo is a rotunda in belgium that houses a monumental panoramic painting depicting the battle of waterloo.the neoclassical building is located immediately to the north of the lion's mound on the battlefield of the battle of waterloo in the municipality of braine-l'alleud in the belgian province of walloon brabant.

freedom of panorama

freedom of panorama was partially adopted in russia on october 1, 2014; from this day, one is allowed to take photos of buildings and gardens visible from public places, but that does not include sculptures and other 3-dimensional works. two-dimensional works

kilsby tunnel

the kilsby tunnel is on the west coast main line in england. the railway tunnel is near the village of kilsby in northamptonshire roughly 5 miles 8 km southeast of rugby and is 2,432 yards 2,224 m long. on opening, it was the longest railway tunnel in the world.


the kaiserpanorama or kaiser-panorama is a form of stereoscopic entertainment medium used chiefly in the 19th and early 20th centuries, a precursor to film, invented by august fuhrmann 1844 – 1925 . it was patented by the inventor ca. 1890.

grand panorama of london from the thames

the grand panorama of london from the thames is an 1844 woodcut engraving depicting the north bank of the thames river in london then the world's largest city running from western stone wharf by the unfinished houses of parliament the tower to house big ben is not yet constructed to the belfast, cork, leith and glasgow steam wharf, just east of st katharine docks; a distance of .

howard street tunnel fire

the howard street tunnel fire also known as the baltimore freight rail crash was a 60-car csx transportation freight train derailment that occurred in the howard street tunnel, a freight through-route tunnel under howard street in baltimore, maryland, on july 18, 2001.the derailment sparked a chemical fire that raged for five or six days and virtually shut down the downtown area.

goldfields water supply scheme

the goldfields water supply scheme is a pipeline and dam project that delivers potable water from mundaring weir in perth to communities in western australia's eastern goldfields, particularly coolgardie and kalgoorlie. the project was commissioned in 1896 and completed in 1903.

wikipedia:featured picture candidates/cologne panorama .

i wouldn’t call it “stitching errors” but rather “stitching artifacts”. it’s pretty much impossible to shoot a multi-shot panorama with water in the scene without stitching artifacts in the water. the purple below the bridge seems to be from a purple-lighted building behind the bridge. that’s the part i think makes this picture .

bourton-on-the-water railway station

the bourton-on-the-water railway station was situated just to the north of the village and served surrounding villages like lower slaughter. it was rebuilt in 1936 by the chief architect to the great western railway, percy emerson culverhouse. the station passed on to the western region of british railways on nationalisation in 1948. the last .