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program enables the analysis of retaining wall, revetment wall, massive wall, anchor wall, cantilever retaining wall and wall with counterfort wall with four soil layer and different kinds of load traffic load, foundation load, linear load, point load and ground water .. for the first time it is possible to analyses stability of retaining wall in case when angle of repose is bigger than angle

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cantilever retaining wall are usually of reinforced concrete and work on the principles of leverage. it has much thinner stem and utilize the weight of the backfill soil to provide most of the resistance to sliding and overturning. cantilever retaining wall is the most common type of earth-retaining structure.

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the cantilever retaining wall design involves two major steps: the first one is the evaluation of the stability of the whole structure under the service loads, which includes the overturning, bearing, and sliding failure modes, and the second one is the design of the different components, such as the stem, heel, toe and key, for bending and shear

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reinforced retaining walls the weight of the reinforced retaining walls and reinforcement bars in the wall provide the stability against the overturning. cantilever walls this type of wall is directly connected to the foundation. a cantilever wall holds the soil and it is the most common type of retaining wall.

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cantilever wall is an intuitive program for cantilever retaining walls design. it offers a number of retaining wall shapes and analyzes rc cross-sections.

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cantilever walls - cantilever wall design. cantilever walls are walls that do not have any supports and thus have a free unsupported excavation. cantilever walls restrain retained earth by the passive resistance provided by the soil below the excavation. many engineers use the cantilever wall term to actually describe gravity walls.

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design retaining walls. we will learn about the three most common types of retaining wall. their design basically involves calculating the earth pressures acting on the wall and checking that it will not fail due to these earth pressures in the ways shown below. gravity wall this is the most simple retaining wall.

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rapid retain geotechnical and structural effects on cantilever/restrained retaining walls v4. 2018 ibc/aci 318-19 accurate and saves you time. soilstructure rapid retain, version 4 is a tool for designing abutment wall, wing wall, cantilever retaining wall and basement wall.. it is time consuming to do all the stability and reinforcement design using in house tools.

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retaining wall v3.3: 11/07/2018 : exe zip formerly index 11310 to analyze cantilever sign tri-chord truss structures in accordance with the aashto lrfd lts of drilled shafts and driven piles and is supported and available from the university of florida bridge software institute. mse wall external stability v2.5.1

5 benefits of concrete retaining walls

retaining walls prevent down slope movement and provide support for vertical or near- vertical grade changes. concrete retaining walls can serve aesthetic and landscape design functions as well. a retaining wall installation completed by a quality professional will enhance the value of one's home.