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proposed deletions from this page. since we have the article border fence, it makes no sense to include border fences in this article.the fact that one can google 'separation barrier' and find some unknown commentator calling some border fence that doesn't mean we should include it.

balloon propaganda campns in korea

balloon propaganda campns in korea include both north and south korean propaganda leaflet campns through the use of balloons as a distribution method since the korean war.a variety of other contents have also been included with the balloons. originally, these campns were organized by the governments and militaries of the korean states.

korean axe murder incident

korean axe murder incident; part of post-armistice korean conflicts: remains of the tree that was the object of the 1976 axe murder incident, taken in 1984. deliberately left standing after operation paul bunyan, the stump was replaced by a monument in 1987.

hungarian border barrier

the immediate impact of the fence was to block entry to hungary to migrants unwilling to apply for refugee status in hungary, deflecting the flow to croatia. as croatia led the migrants to its border with hungary, hungary then started the construction of a second fence along its border with croatia on 18 september 2015.

simplicity manufacturing company

between 1941 and 1945, due to world war ii, simplicity manufacturing temporarily halted production of lawn and garden products, and manufactured electric fence controllers and external surface grinders to satisfy the war production board. simplicity built is first riding tractor in 1957 which was the model wonderboy.

yeongkwang industry

yeongkwang industry co, korean: 영광산업; rr: yeonggwang saneop is a korean automotive, chemical, and engineering company. its products include traffic signs, auto parts, acryl lamps and light cover products.

yeongkwang industry

yeongkwang industry co, is a korean automotive, chemical, and engineering company. its products include traffic signs, auto parts, acryl lamps and light cover products.

iraq disarmament timeline 1990–2003

1990. 24 july 1990 nine days before iraq's invasion of kuwait, us state department spokeswoman, margaret tutwiler states: 'we do not have any defence treaties with kuwait, and there are no special defence or security commitments to kuwait.'; 2 august 1990 the persian gulf war begins when iraqi troops invaded kuwait with armor and infantry, occupying strategic posts throughout the country .

blocking martial arts

in korean martial arts such as taekwondo, these techniques are referred to as makgi 막기 , with some examples being chukyeo makgi rising block and onkal daebi makgi knifehand guarding block . some martial arts, such as capoeira, reject blocking techniques completely as they consider them too inefficient. in capoeira, they use evasion .

railway signalling

railway signalling is a system used to direct railway traffic and keep trains clear of each other at all times. trains move on fixed rails , making them uniquely susceptible to collision . this susceptibility is exacerbated by the enormous weight and inertia of a train, which makes it difficult to quickly stop when encountering an obstacle.

list of equipment of the republic of korea armed forces .

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korean swordsmanship

traditional korean swordsmanship fell into decline with the modernization of the army, beginning as king kojong hired japanese lt. horimoto reizo to train the pyolgigm, or 'special skills force' to march and shoot in european fashion in 1881. and in 1883, japan accepted 40 korean candidates for enrollment in various japanese schools of commerce .

land mine

a land mine is an explosive device concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disable enemy targets, ranging from combatants to vehicles and tanks, as they pass over or near it. such a device is typically detonated automatically by way of pressure when a target steps on it or drives over it, although other detonation mechanisms are also sometimes used.


in the middle of the infield is a raised pitcher's mound, with a rectangular rubber plate the rubber at its center. the outer boundary of the outfield is typically demarcated by a raised fence, which may be of any material and height. the fair territory between home plate and the outfield boundary is baseball's field of play, though .

2020 coronavirus pandemic in north korea

north korean public health official pak myong-su said that if the disease spread in north korea, 'a serious disaster could not be avoided'. 4 diplomatically and economically isolated, 1 the country borders china, the starting point of the pandemic, which is north korea's closest ally, most important trading partner, and a source of tourists.