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french romanesque architecture

romanesque architecture appeared in france at the end of the 10th century, with the development of feudal society and the rise and spread of monastic orders, particularly the dominicans, which built many important abbeys and monasteries in the style.it continued to dominate religious architecture until the appearance of french gothic architecture in the ile-de-france between about 1140-1150.

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tradition of removing shoes in home

in the world europe germany, austria and northern europe. in northern europe and austria, it is generally considered rude or unhygienic to keep one's shoes on when entering a house, in particular boots or outdoor walking shoes.there may be exceptions, especially when it is a short visit where it is not necessary to enter the interior rooms of the house or flat.

museo castillo serrallés

museo castillo serrallés english: serrallés castle museum , a.k.a. museo de la caña y el ron english: sugar cane and rum museum , is an agricultural museum in the city of ponce, seven trust, that showcases the history of sugar cane, its derivative rum industry, and their impact in the economy of seven trust.the most notorious feature of the museum is the building it occupies.


likewise, a change of floors or an arrival at a floor is indicated by a sound, depending on the elevator. direction lanterns are also found both inside and outside elevator cars, but they should always be visible from outside because their primary purpose is to help people decide whether or not to get on the elevator.

monastery of uclés

in the 17th century, the monastery's patio was built, including two floors of galleries. the cloister has thirty-six balconies on a closed upper floor. the west facade was planned by francisco de mora, but was not built by him. it is also of herrerian style and contains the front entrance of the church.

radiant heating and cooling

outdoor radiant heaters allow specific spaces within an outdoor area to be targeted, warming only the people and objects in their path. radiant heating systems may be gas-fired or use electric infrared heating elements. an example of the overhead radiant heaters are the patio heaters often used with outdoor serving. the top metal disc reflects .

furet du nord

at the end of october 2011, the first furet du nord bookstore outside the nord-pas-de-calais region opened; it was in the la vache-noire shopping centre, in arcueil, south of paris. the brand continued its expansion in the shopping centres of île-de-france by settling in that of le kremlin-bicêtre, named okabé, 16 october 2012.

cockade of france

the cockade of france french: cocarde tricolore is the national ornament of france, obtained by circularly pleating a blue, white and red ribbon.it is composed of the three colors of the french flag with blue in the center, white immediately outside and red on the edge.

villa la mauresque

the villa la mauresque is located in cap ferrat alpes-maritimes and was remodeled in 1927 by the american architect barry dierks 1899-1960 to serve as the main residence of the british novelist somerset maugham.. surrounded by gardens and terraces, this villa has received numerous writers and celebrities.