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while new, it is at least as notable as chain link fence, barbed wire or electric fence. still needs sources and improvement, but past the prod tag point —preceding unsigned comment added by montanabw talk contribs 19 october 2009; article title. richard, i reverted the move to 'plastic' fence.

vinyl group

vinyl organometallics, e.g. vinyllithium and vinyl tributyltin, participate in coupling reactions such as in negishi coupling. etymology. the etymology of vinyl is the latin vinum = 'wine', and the greek word 'hylos' 'υλος matter or material , because of its relationship with ethyl alcohol.

super fight league

super fight league uses a structure called the 'o'zone. the 'o'zone is a circular cage of chain-link fence that has been coated in black vinyl. the height of the fence varies between 5 feet 6 inches 1.68 m and 5 feet 8 inches 1.73 m , is 30 feet 9.1 m in diameter and sits atop a 2.6 feet 0.79 m platform. there are two gates on opposite .

rosanna song

the band plays within a chain-link fence enclosure. cynthia rhodes is featured as the lead dancer rosanna, which led to her being cast in staying alive the following year. it also featured thomas guzman-sanchez of the dance group chain reaction as one of the male dancers. he did the boogaloo/popping body wave leaping over another dancer.

grand avenue–newtown station

chain-link fence is used to separate the areas inside and outside fare control. the manhattan- and queens-bound paid areas are separated by at this location by the unpaid area, which runs down the center of the mezzanine. in total, this side of the station has four staircases in addition to the two closed ones mentioned, while the other side has five staircases. .


tiny star-shaped flowers , so dark purply-brown they look black, are the primary charm of this weed. later in the season it develops pods that release seeds that float on silken parachutes similar to, but more restrained than, cottonwood . it twines up chain-link, putting glossy dark green green foliage on ugly fences. its attractiveness cause .

agricultural fencing

chain link fencing is, arguably a form of woven wire, and is occasionally used for some livestock containment. however, due to cost, it is not particularly common for fencing large areas where less-expensive forms of woven wire are equally suitable. when used in small enclosures, it is easily deformed by livestock,.

horse care

'field fence' or 'no-climb' fence are safer designs than more widely woven 'sheep fence.' chain link fence is occasionally seen, but horses can bend chain link almost as easily as a thinner-gauge wire, so the additional expense is often not justified by any gain over good-quality woven wire.

our price

from 1976, the chain was rebranded our price records, in response to local demand for vinyl records over eight tracks. in 1988, it was rebranded again as our price music, as record labels began to distribute the new cd format. in 1993, the by then three-hundred-store chain was renamed simply our price.