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send travis on his merry way and evelyn wanders in. someone has broken into her apartment and she needs your help. take the train back to main street and meet evelyn outside her apartment to the right of the salon . case 4: why was evelyn's apartment ransacked? leads: talk to evelyn - meet evelyn outside her apartment and talk to her.

24 ways to make the most of your small apartment balcony

24 ways to make the most of your small apartment balcony. written by. deirdre sullivan. facebook; the typical apartment balcony has a concrete floor that is devoid of personality. fortunately, you can spruce up a boring slab with interlocking deck tiles. 10 creative diy patio ideas creative ideas for a vertical garden

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this dreamy surrounding will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation any old day the structure is not sunk into the ground, meaning it’s portable, impermanent, and can be placed on a patio, porch, or rooftop.

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13 awesome and cheap patio furniture ideas 2 2019 new and cheap garden-backyard patio furniture ideas diy the post 13 awesome and cheap patio furniture ideas 2 2019 appeared first on patio diy. brighten up your boring patio with these diy patio ideas.

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faq/walkthrough by rarusk. at francis international airport, if you land on the ground, then you will get a 2-star wanted rating. if you land and get out of the chopper then it will become a 4-star wanted rating. >>pistol ***** location: on the top floor of an apartment complex just north of the intersection of rocket st. and joliet ave

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how to clean inside of desktop? any help or ideas. = of the case not touching any components and touch the concrete floor. the purpose is to continually ground the unit without touching

5 features that make a ground-floor apartment desirable

yes, you’ll have less privacy and natural light and be closer to noises, smells, and possible pest issues in a ground-floor apartment. but because they can also have luxurious features—and maybe a backyard—you might not want to rule out a lower-level unit entirely.