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tenderfoot/ns nursery flooring tenderfoot/ns nursery is specifically designed for use in standard nurseries and will accommodate pigs up to 60 lbs. this competitively priced plastisol hog flooring is composed of expanded steel coated with our best plastisol.

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cut this off and you have a 5 by 7 floor this combination of floor and cast iron is $230 each 4 left there are only 4 left floors here that are brand new as of 05 /28/18 2 pallets of double l flooring 264 pieces 1ft by 2 ft $1.50 and 25 pieces 1 ft by 16″ long

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tenderfoot flooring for farrowing and nursery: tenderfoot standard. plastisol coating on 9 gauge expanded metal produces a 'strong but soft' long-lasting floor. diamond-shaped hole openings measure 1/2' x 1' standard tenderfoot standard size price per sq ft tenflrsts: order info: standard tenderfoot non-standard size price per sq ft

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welcome to the original tenderfoot . tenderfoot is a world renowned slat flooring system for animal production. its outstanding characteristic is its unique plastisol coating. this innovative flooring system complies with all applicable rules and guidelines for stless livestock husbandry.

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the multi-purpose floor for use in farrowing, nursery and finishing. tendernova provides the same non-slip characteristics of tenderfoot expanded metal, plus the excellent cleanability of woven wire. the .192” diameter wire is equivalent to 5 gauge, ideal for modular systems.