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surcharge loads acting on retaining wall. surcharge loads acting on retaining wall are additional vertical loads that used to the backfill soil above the top of the wall. it can be either dead loads for example sloping backfill above the wall height or live load which could result from highway or parking lot, paving or adjacent footing.

point load surcharges applied at a setback distance

a 15 ft retaining wall with a 16” thick footing h=16.33’ has a point load surcharge of 4 kips at 21 ft setback x=21’ . most designers will say x > h, so there is no surcharge influence. looking at the chart above, you can see 20 psf surcharge. while this is small influence, it …

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a surcharge load results from forces that are applied along the surface of the backfill behind the wall. these forces apply additional lateral forces along the back of the wall. this spreadsheet calculates the resulting pressure field acting on the retaining wall due to a point load at a given position behind the wall.

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agree with you peinc to a point, but for the transient loads of a passing firetruck or an outrigger load of a firetruck as you say, these would be concentrated loads and i would think the wall should be designed for the actual point loading case rather than putting 250psf minimum as an areal loading. live load surcharges on retaining

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this surcharge is always taken as a vertical force. this surcharge is divided by the soil density and multiplied by the active pressure coefficient to create a uniform lateral load applied to the wall. you can choose to use this surcharge to resist sliding and overturning by checking the option box adjacent to the load input field.

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soil and earthwork calculator contains 60 calculators for soil mechanics, earthwork,excavation,compaction,footing,thrust from soil,explosion calculations and effect of surcharge on a wall

lateral pressures on retaining walls due to backfill

on a retaining wall due to a load applied at the surface of the soil backfill has been to substitute a uniformly distributed load for the actual load, and then calculate the pressure by either the rankine or the coulomb classical theory. this method of approach to the problem has several shortcomings and disadvantages.

traffic live load surcharges on retaining walls - earth

re: traffic live load surcharges on retaining walls shockstressed structural 7 mar 06 09:56 the input then is for the maximum load to be encountered and worse, after that you can sleep at night instead of seeing walls slipping down hills in a mudwash with odd lorries floating after it.

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how loadings applied to retaining wall in design of wi nrcs standard wall ding for manure storage march 3, 2016 surcharge. we limit it to . 2-5000 ib wheel loads 4 feet apart. from manure. we conservatively use 72 ib/ft. 3.

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wall from earth pressure, surcharge load, water, earthquake etc. prior to completing any retaining wall design, it is first necessary to calculate the forces acting on the wall. retaining wall to support a fill. retaining wall to support a cut. cut fill