2nd floor exterior terrance install

beach chalet

after several years of closure and following a renovation completed in 1996, the building now houses the beach chalet brewery and restaurant on the second floor, opened by lara and gar truppelli and timon malloy. its sister restaurant, the park chalet, is located to the back of the beach chalet with a dining room facing the park and outdoor .

green factory

the green factory also has an exercise center where professional trainers provides personalized workout programs for employees. other facilities include a café, an outdoor terrace, a healthcare center, a shower room, a recovery room, and a massage room. on the same floor there is also a convenience store, a travel agency, an insurance agency .

hamilton convention centre

the second floor of the hamilton convention centre features the albion room, a 4,000 sq ft 400 m 2 ballroom with removable divider walls allowing for 3 separate rooms, each with their own entrance. the second floor also features 8 meeting rooms, one of which overlooks the wentworth room via a window.

palace of the marqués de dos aguas

from the lobby it can access the garden terrace or the hall of illustrious people. garden terrace. this space is made in the 20th century to adapt the palace to its function as a museum. it actually found in one of the inner courtyards, which was covered by a floor up to the first floor and has qualified as a terrace. it contains a mixture of .

webb horton house

the webb horton house, is an ornate 40-room mansion in middletown, new york, united states, designed by local architect frank lindsey.built 1902-1906 as a private residence, since the late 1940s it has been part of the campus of suny orange.this building is now known as morrison hall, after the last private owner, and houses the college's main administrative offices.

château de druyes

the second floor was accessed by an internal wooden staircase which housed the winch and the portcullis mechanism. a stone staircase built within the thickness of the wall leads to the terrace. the battlements were not installed until later, probably at the same time as the installation of the postern of the town.


definition. a mezzanine is an intermediate floor or floors in a building which is open to the floor below. it is placed halfway up the wall on a floor which has a ceiling at least twice as high as a floor with minimum height. a mezzanine does not count as one of the floors in a building, and generally does not count in determining maximum floorspace.

tie cavity wall

tie failure. failure of ties is an increasing problem with cavity wall ties made from galvanized steel. it arises when the galvanizing is not of sufficient quality and the outer leaf of the cavity wall allows water penetration, usually due to porous brick/blockwork. if the tie rusts, the swelling effect may cause horizontal, external cracks to appear in the wall.

basement waterproofing

the dry walls are sealed with a waterproofing membrane, and new drainage tiles weeping tiles are placed at the side of the footing. over the past ten years, polymer -based waterproofing products have been developed. polymer-based products last for the lifetime of the building and are not affected by soil ph.

list of this old house episodes seasons 1–10

the second project of the season begins: doubling the living space of a ranch house by raising the roof to create a second floor. our host discusses the homeowners' needs and reviews remodeling plans with them, a banker explains various ways to finance home improvement, and another ranch home where similar remodeling has been completed is visited.


outdoor stair lifts. outdoor stair lifts come with seats, perches, footplates or platforms and are sold worldwide. they are similar to indoor stair lifts but with improved weatherproofing. previously owned stair lifts. there is a second-user market for some types of stair lift. this is most common with strht rail domestic types. the rails .