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the big problem is uv light causing the breakdown of lignin in the wood structure. if you can see the wood through the finish, then so can uv. some exterior finishes can inhibit this process, but not entirely prevent it. this is one reason wooden boat owners refinish their cherished teak and mahogany decks every couple of years.

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by the way, 3 of 4 mahogany doors on my house are painted on the exterior; the odd one is behind a storm/screen door. the entrance door to my shop is a burned off oil finish, leaving the wood exposed for 7 years, as an example of what not to 'try at home.' the door hasn't moved a fraction, and hasn't leaked a bit, either.

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improving your exterior february 18 also: aniline dyes, urethane finishes, tung oil and mahogany stain. season 1, episode 18. how to paint over dark wood paneling without having the stain

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you have dozens, maybe hundreds, of ways to finish mahogany for your woodworking projects. that’s part of the beauty of the wood; you can apply nearly any finish to it and it’ll look wonderful. so there’s no way to make a definitive declaration about the best finish for mahogany.

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the easy way to remove water stains from wood furniture. no need to go to the hardware store -- you have everything you need to remove water marks. the wood's finish should gradually release

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it's translucent and has a grippy exterior. shipping soon in multiple trim colors. price: $29.99 the carved mahogany wood. it blends a glossy finish with some textured design elements

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marine finishes are not always the easiest to find and it grieves me to think of a lovely oak, teak, mahogany, fir, redwood or similar nice wood door painted in mauve goop. bob from fl inspired me with his continuing and accurate statements about the failings of a clear coat and the advantages of a good quality exterior paint.