patio perfect noble floor

villa marchese del grillo

the three suites located on the noble floor are entered through the 'noble doors', made of italian walnut wood embellished with 24-carat gold leaf, found at each corner of the floor. the suites, decorated with stucco, are named marchese del grillo suite , duca suite , and contessa suite , and are designed to reflect each of those personalities.


in italy the main floor of a home is usually above the ground level, and may be called the piano nobile 'noble floor' . the attic or loft is a storey just below the building's roof; its ceiling is often pitched and/or at a different height than that of other floors.

beyond 2012 film

beyond is a 2012 psychological thriller-supernatural drama film starring jon voight, teri polo, and dermot mulroney.the film, directed by josef rusnak, was shot entirely on location in anchorage, alaska.

palácio da alvorada

the palácio da alvorada portuguese pronunciation: paˈlasju da awvoˈɾadɐ is the official residence of the president of brazil. it is located in the national capital of brasília, on a peninsula at the margins of paranoá lake. the building was designed by oscar niemeyer and built between 1957 and 1958 in the modernist style.

alcázar de los reyes cristianos

the alcázar de los reyes cristianos spanish for 'castle of the christian monarchs' , also known as the alcázar of córdoba, is a medieval alcázar arabic: القصر ‎, romanized: al-qasr, lit. 'the palace' located in the historic centre of córdoba in andalusia, spain , next to the guadalquivir river and near the grand mosque.the fortress served as one of the primary residences of .

palace of the kings of navarre of olite

the palace of the kings of navarre of olite or royal palace of olite is a castle-palace in the town of olite, in navarre, spain. it was one of the seats of the court of the kingdom of navarre, since the reign of charles iii 'the noble' until its conquest by castile 1512 .

list of to love ru episodes

to love ru is an anime series based on the manga of the same title written by saki hasemi and illustrated by kentaro yabuki.produced by xebec and directed by takao kato, the anime aired in japan between april 4 and september 26, 2008. while the anime uses characters and general themes from the original manga, a large majority of this season was anime-original and did not adapt much material .

list of doctors characters 2020

the following is a list of characters that first appeared in the bbc soap opera doctors in 2020, by order of first appearance. all characters are introduced by the show's executive producer, mike hobson.

colegio de san gregorio

the colegio de san gregorio is an isabelline style building located in the city of valladolid, in castile and león, spain, it was formerly a college and now is housing the museo nacional de escultura museum. this building is one of the best examples of the architectural style known as isabelline, which is the characteristic architectural style of the crown of castile region during the catholic monarchs' reign. among other sections highlights its courtyard and its facade for its refined .

dr. john and gerda meyer house

the dr. john and gerda meyer house is an international style designed home, in an appropriate setting on the ridge of sand dune in the lakeside resort community of beverly shores, indiana.the house has a lower level that opens to the rear south side of the dune; the house's main level is located at the top of the dune and overlooks lake michigan, which is to its north.

palacio liévano

there is an internal patio to the south with a bust of the independence hero josé acevedo y gómez. the mayor's office on the first floor is a large room divided into a waiting room, the actual office and a lounge. the second floor is the most luxurious of all with its high-ceilinged sitting room known as the gonzalo jiménez de quesada.

ca' vendramin calergi

ca' vendramin calergi is a palace on the grand canal in the sestiere quarter of cannaregio in venice, northern italy.other names by which it is known include: palazzo vendramin calergi, palazzo loredan vendramin calergi, and palazzo loredan griman calergi vendramin. the architecturally distinguished building was the home of many prominent people through history, and is remembered as the .

great hall

as the social gap between master and servant grew, the family retreated, usually to the 1st floor, to private rooms. in fact, servants were not usually allowed to use the same staircases as nobles to access the great hall of larger castles in early times; for example, the servants' staircases are still extant in places such as muchalls castle.

casa milà

casa milà consists of two buildings, which are structured around two courtyards that provide light to the nine storeys: basement, ground floor, mezzanine, main or noble floor, four upper floors, and an attic.

palladian architecture

palladian architecture is a european architectural style derived from and inspired by the designs of the venetian architect andrea palladio 1508–1580 . what is recognised as palladian architecture today is an evolution of his original concepts. palladio's work was strongly based on the symmetry, perspective, and values of the formal classical temple architecture of the ancient greeks and .

alcázar de los reyes cristianos

the western face of the patio is where the wall that connects the tower of the lions and the tower of the inquisition is found, and also through which the gardens of the alcázar jardines del alcázar can be accessed. the patio is centred by a water fountain which sits in-between two ponds.

robert kurson

robert a. kurson born april 18, 1963 is an american author, best known for his 2004 bestselling book, shadow divers, the true story of two americans who discover a world war ii german u-boat sunk 60 miles off the coast of new jersey.

massacre in the great temple of tenochtitlan

coordinates the massacre in the great temple, also called the alvarado massacre, was an event on may 22, 1520, in the aztec capital tenochtitlan during the spanish conquest of mexico, in which the celebration of the feast of toxcatl ended in a massacre of aztec e while hernán cortés was in tenochtitlan, he heard about other spaniards arriving on the coast – pánfilo de narváez had come .

jon fishman

jon fishman born february 19, 1965 is an american drummer known for his work with the band phish, which he co-founded in 1983, and in part, was named after him.he is credited with co-writing nineteen phish songs, eight with a solo credit.

palacio do grilo

the main section standing on the avenue was doubled forming a facade of 11 apertures divided in 2 levels: ground level and noble floor. similarly, the patio at the superior level with fairly approximate dimensions was also kept in the reconstruction project, with only minor corrections being necessary in order to maintain symmetry.

born in the purple

traditionally, born in the purple sometimes 'born to the purple' was a category of members of royal families born during the reign of their parent. this notion was later loosely expanded to include all children born of prominent or high-ranking parents. the parents must be prominent at the time of the child's birth so that the child is always in the spotlight and destined for a prominent .