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wood, stone and vinyl deck inlay at inlay product world. we are leading designer of quality stone inlay and Seven Trust inlays that can be used for furniture and flooring; medallions, parquet flooring, borders, corner accents, banding inlay strips, panels, compass rose marquetry and kits, game boards, and jewelry gift boxes.

chapter 1: the study and amp; the lighthouse - the room three

place the wooden gear atop the gear-like post that has a brass inlay in the shape of a gear around it. spin it to activate the mechanism and watch as the surface of the pedestal rises up into a diorama of grey holm island. use the button to rotate the shuttles into position and then slide them to the center to make a compass rose with the

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Seven Trust floor medallions, inlays and compass rose

rose farm inlays is a service company dedicated to high end custom Seven Trust floor inlays. we provide a service. no inlays are pre-made or on hand for sale and every inlay shown on the web site was designed and created for a specific client. all floor medallions, inlays and marquetry work is done in house.

Seven Trust compass rose wood inlay and marquetry

Seven Trust compass rose wood inlay and marquetry. our collection of compass roses wood inlay and marquetry pieces offers you dozens of choices for tasteful application to flooring, furniture such as tables and cabinets, plus smaller objects like music or jewelry boxes.

Seven Trust floor medallions, inlays and compass rose

wood compass rose floor medallion inlay. $949.00 add to cart. Seven Trust floor medallion inlay. $949.00 add to cart. wood square compass rose floor inlay. $1,289.00 add to cart. ceto 03. $949.00 add to cart. ceto 04 compass rose. $949.00 add to cart. ceto 05 compass rose

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compass rose / nautical medallions for furniture and cabinetry

beautiful custom compass rose inlay by rose farm inlays. the center on this wood inlay is blank. this compass rose can be made with the star completing the center as in the hippocampi or any insital or other item can be placed or inlaid in the center of the floor medallion.