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gonorrhea , also known as 'the clap,' is a sexually transmitted disease std . the cdc recommended against the use of oral antibiotics in monotherapy to .

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gonorrhea is one of the oldest known sexually transmitted diseases stds , and . if the ulcer is outside of the vagina or on the scrotum, the use of condoms may .

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gonorrhea, colloquially known as the clap, is a sexually transmitted infection sti caused by . gonorrhea can be prevented with the use of condoms, having sex with only one person who is uninfected, and by not having sex. . the name 'the clap', in reference to the disease, is recorded as early as the sixteenth century, .

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gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection sti caused by bacteria called neisseria . it used to be known as 'the clap'. . do not use analytics cookies . if it's not treated, including pelvic inflammatory disease pid in women or infertility.

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use a male or female condom. if you think you are infected, avoid any sexual contact and visit a local sexually transmitted disease std clinic, hospital or your .

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sep 16, 2016 . but the clap is actually a euphemism for gonorrhea. both are sexually transmitted diseases stds caused by bacteria, but they require different .

gonorrhea — aka the clap — is excellent at resisting antibiotics .

jul 16, 2017 . the sexually transmitted disease is typically not fatal but can cause a lifetime . or to an early treatment — clapping a heavy object on the man's sexual organ . lab tests that doctors could use to diagnose antibiotic resistance.

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