how to hang floor to ceiling drapes

5 ways floor-to-ceiling curtains will make your room look

by hanging curtains from the well here are 5 examples we've rounded up to give you some visual inspiration and prove that floor-to-ceiling drapes can open up your room and even give you the appearance of a larger and more stylish room

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you don’t have to be an expert to know how to hang drapes. get the basics with our easy tips in this article. how to decorate team hi, we are building and our living room ceiling height is 18 ft, i want to hang curtains from ceiling to floor and i’m struggling figuring what size diameter of rod we should use. if we go to small it

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do not allow your drapes to hang above the floor. when they stop a couple of inches above the floor, it can make the ceilings look lower. for drapes to look full, the panels should have a combined width of at least double the width of the window. if you have two panels, each one should equal the width of the window.

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next, hang floor-to-ceiling drapes in a brown-and-white brocade in front of the woven shades to complete the layered look. floor-length white sheers hanging under bright-colored draperies create a

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how to rid your hdtv of reflections. unless you like watching tv in total darkness, chances are reflections are ruining your picture quality and driving you insane. no problem, we can fix that

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how to make ceiling drapes install matching fabric at regular intervals along the wall and use tie-backs or ribbon bows to give the illusion of columns. attach a row of japanese lanterns or fairy lights along the top of the wall where the ends of the ceiling drapes meet the columns.

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