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the mansion recording studio

as of 2011 the site of the cottage was a vacant lot and up for sale. the main mansion building itself was rebuilt after it was destroyed in the 1959 laurel canyon fire, and is now a historic venue called the mansion. while houdini did not likely live at the 'mansion,' there is some probability that his widow did.

suntop homes

the suntop homes, also known under the early name of the ardmore experiment, were quadruple residences located in ardmore, pennsylvania, and based largely upon the 1935 conceptual broadacre city model of the minimum houses.the design was commissioned by otto tod mallery of the tod company in 1938 in an attempt to set a new standard for the entry-level housing market in the united states and to .

lake mcdonald lodge

the lake mcdonald lodge is a historic lodge located within glacier national park, on the southeast shore of lake mcdonald.the lodge is a 3-1/2-story structure built in 1913 based on kirtland cutter's design. the foundation and first floor walls are built of stone, with a wood-frame superstructure.

luxury homes are scaling back on bedrooms - aol finance

for sale: $64 million. while grand staircases are pretty common inside homes, this florida mansion comes with an impressive one outside.


definition of the roman loggia. the main difference between a loggia and a portico is the role within the functional layout of the building. the portico allows entrance to the inside from the exterior and can be found on vernacular and small scale buildings. the loggia is accessed only from inside and intended as a place for leisure.


the patchwork blocks are typically around 8–10 in 2 52–65 cm 2 . they are sewn together in stacked rows to make a larger composition. often strips of contrasting fabric forming a lattice separate the patchwork blocks from each other. some common patchwork block names are log cabin, drunkard's path, bear's paw, tulip, and nine patch.


the main house has a balcony that opens to the potomac river. all buildings are in need of extensive renovation. electricity is provided via underwater cable. water is provided by a 280-foot-deep well on the island. the island is for sale.

loch sunart

loch sunart scottish gaelic loch shuaineart is a sea loch on the west coast of scotland.loch sunart is bounded to the north by the sunart district of ardnamurchan and to the south by the morvern district. at 31 kilometres 19 mi it is the longest sea loch in the highland local government area. the maximum depth of the loch is 124 metres east of càrna near the entrance to loch teacuis.

holly lodge estate

eventually, in march 1923, the remainder of the estate, advertised as and subsequently always referred to as the holly lodge estate, was sold for £45,000 and resold at the same price later that year to london garden suburbs limited with the building of the first road of houses, on bromwich avenue, being started by the central london building company limited later that same year.

point of ayr lighthouse

the point of ayr lighthouse, also known as the talacre lighthouse, is a grade ii listed building situated on the north coast of wales, on the point of ayr, near the village of talacre.. it was built in 1776 by a trust of the major, recorder and aldermen of chester to warn ships entering between the dee and the mersey estuary. it eventually fell into disuse and was decommissioned in 1884.

for sale: modern atlanta home featured in tyler perry .

for sale: modern atlanta home featured in tyler perry movie. . and a balcony off the second suite upstairs, wilkin said. . find homes for sale in your area.

lincoln center oregon

lincoln center is a multi-building office complex in tigard, oregon, united states.opened in 1981, the six-building complex was built over a decade and includes the 12-story lincoln tower, the tallest building in washington county. located on s.w. greenburg road at oregon route 217, lincoln center is adjacent to the washington square shopping mall in the portland metropolitan area

point abino light tower

the point abino light tower is a lighthouse on the rocky north shore of lake erie at the southern tip of point abino peninsula west of crystal beach, ontario, canada. the greek revival white square tower with red accents is attached to the fog alarm building, and a lighthouse keeper's residence is located on the shore to the north.

affordable housing by country

a lack of affordable housing can be a serious problem for people, as overpaying for housing leaves families with little leftover to spend on other essentials like food and clothing. grand county could benefit from increasing the amount of affordable housing that is available in the area. the increase of housing would allow local families to .

for sale: modern atlanta home featured in tyler perry .

zillow ap by emily heffter this modern atlanta home is about to hit the big screen in director tyler perry's new movie, 'the single moms club,' this week. the movie written,

ancestral houses of the philippines

ancestral houses of the philippines or heritage houses are homes owned and preserved by the same family for several generations as part of the filipino family culture. it corresponds to long tradition by filipino people of venerating ancestors and elders. houses could be a simple house to a mansion.