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hollow sounding tiles hollow sounding tiles may signal installation problems a simple way to check for the sound in question is to tap on the tiles with a hard object such as a steel ball bearing. chains or special sounding devices can be used for larger areas. if the tile is well bonded i.e. attached to the concrete substrate , it will have

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over wood, floor failure is more likely. movement in the subfloor could cause grout to break away from the tile, compounding the instability of the flooring. can i inject epoxy under the tile to fix the hollow sound? some contractors have tried to inject epoxy to rebond tile without reinstalling it.

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a hollow-sounding floor is probably fine. when a floor sounds hollow, it may seem as though something is amiss, but usually it’s nothing more than the natural sound transmission of the installation. central to the question of whether there is a tile installation problem is whether the tile just sounds hollow or if there are visible issues

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there are many reasons why a tile floor can sound hollow. if the entire tile floor sounds hollow, then it is likely because of the underlying conditions. a tile floor over a wood subfloor will sound more like a hollow sound compared to a tile floor installed directly to a concrete slab.

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the standards don’t recognize hollow sounding tile as a defect. tiles can sound hollow because of what it is bonded over and to what it is bonded. if the hollow sound is proved to be voids under the tile, then for interior wet areas and exterior areas there should not be any more voids than 5% of the surface area.

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