how to install wpc interlocking deck boards

european train control system

the european train control system etcs is the signalling and control component of the european rail traffic management system ertms . it is a replacement for legacy train protection systems and designed to replace the many incompatible safety systems currently used by european railways. the standard was also adopted outside europe and is an option for worldwide application.

basement waterproofing

fema recommends basement waterproofing with a water alarm and 'battery-operated backup pump' as a preventive measure against the high cost of flooding. wall conduits such as dimple boards or other membranes are fastened to the foundation wall and extend over the new drainage to guide any moisture down into the system.

cross bracing

in construction, cross bracing is a system utilized to reinforce building structures in which diagonal supports intersect. cross bracing can increase a building's capability to withstand seismic activity. bracing is important in earthquake resistant buildings because it helps keep a structure standing.


a twistlock and corner casting together form a standardized rotating connector for securing shipping containers.the primary uses are for locking a container into place on a container ship, semi-trailer truck or railway container train, and for lifting of the containers by container cranes and sidelifters

radio electronic token block

how it works. on arrival at a 'token exchange point', the driver reports their position to the signaller by radio and requests the 'token' for the next section of line ahead. if the signaller is in a position to do so, they will issue the electronic token applicable to the section ahead.

bad vilbel–glauburg-stockheim railway

the bad vilbel–glauburg-stockheim railway also called the niddertalbahn—nidder valley railway is a non-electrified branch line in the wetterau and the main-kinzig districts of the german state of connects the main-weser railway in bad vilbel with the gießen–gelnhausen railway in glauburg-stockheim.. it was used as an access route to the line now referred to as the .